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5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day in Texas

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Texas

Valentine’s Day in Texas

Texans are known for doing things up big. In fact, even if we’re low key about something, we know in our hearts that we can always ramp it up a notch. Or two or three.

So, Valentine’s Day in Texas can be a huge celebration. Blowing out all the stops, as they say.

But it can also be a quiet, romantic occasion, with less fanfare. Either way, Texans have big hearts, and we are known for spreading the love.

Here are 5 special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Texas.

Tip Your Hat

Take your favorite Valentine hat shopping!

Though the rest of the world calls them Western, we call them Cowboy, and every Texan loves ’em. They come in earthy colors, like brown and beige, for everyday wear, but if your Valentine needs something dresssier, try black.

Then he can look a little more like one of our all-time favorite Texans.

Scoot Your Boots

Texans love to scoot a boot around a dance floor, and there are some pretty great places around these parts to do it.

For a great night of country music and dancing, head over to world-famous Billy Bob’s at the Fort Worth Stockyards, or mosey down to Austin for two-step lessons at the iconic Broken Spoke.  

Of course, there are lots of other famous Texas dance halls in Texas, like the one in Gruene, and Texas’ second oldest dance hall in Goliad.

Smooth Your Wrinkles

We who are Texas Over Fifty don’t really mind the wrinkles we’ve developed over the years. In fact, we think they look just fine when we’re smiling. Which we do a lot. Yep. We love to laugh and have fun and do life like it’s a wild ride over a vast prairie.

But then again, we don’t mind a good facial pampering, now, do we?

Treat yourself to one of Texas’ best facials, or do a double-take facial for two. That’s a very special way to spend Valentine’s Day in Texas, my friends.

Just don’t get a burr in your saddle when you see the price tag.

Eat Your Favorite

What’s your favorite? Tex-Mex? Thai food? How about a big juicy restaurant-style steak?

Whatever it is, Texas has no shortage of it.

So celebrate Valentine’s Day in Texas at wherever you can eat your favorite. I know. It’s a darn hard choice, isn’t it?

Expand Your Horizons

Nothing spells romantic any more than a good Texas road trip. From every city, quaint destinations for a romantic rendezvous are literally only a day trip away.

So, saddle up, my Texas friends Over Fifty. Throw some clean undies in a Walmart bag and head out.

Expand your horizons with a weekend getaway.

(That undies thing comes from a friend who really makes me laugh!)

Make Your Plans

What about you? Have you made your plans? How do you like to spend Valentine’s Day in Texas?

I would love to hear about it!

Encouraging a life filled with everyday intentional Valentine-adventure,

Blogging to encourage intentional adventure!

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