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Three Books and Counting – I’ve Reached Some Serious Writing Goals!

Three Books and Counting! Here's What I'm Working On Next

Writing had never been anything more than a hobby for me – until I decided to write a book. Now that I’ve written three books (and counting!), writing has become a full-fledged passion. I enjoy every minute spent with a pen in my hand or with my fingers on a keyboard. I’ve reached some serious writing goals over the last couple of years, but that only spurs this Texas girl on to more.

Want to know what I’m working on next?

The Big Hunker Down

My first book was the hardest of my writing goals to reach.

While I was extremely comfortable writing on the pages of a personal journal and in the margins of my Bible, sharing something for the whole world to read was quite a different experience.

But I did it!

I wrote The Big Hunker Down to encourage people who go through job loss or job change. My husband and I have a lot of experience with that – some by choice and others handed down from the top rung of a corporate ladder.

Going through a downsizing situation at work, or simply job-hunting after a move can be unsettling. It’s a subject that’s hard to talk about, especially for those who encounter it during midlife. I wanted to share how we got through it and give hope that they could do it, too.

In many ways, the process of getting to the other side, getting back at work, is similar to hunkering down in a safe place until a Texas thunderstorm passes over. You’ll need protection and provision, but it’s also important to look forward to the party. There’s hope in the hunker down!

This is a book filled with personal stories, lots of helpful job-hunting tips and plenty of encouraging Scripture to meditate upon during difficult days spent in the storm cellar.

Do you know someone who would be blessed by this book?

Here’s where to get a copy of The Big Hunker Down: 7 Take-Cover Strategies to Weather the Storm of Job Loss and Keep Your Destiny Out of the Bar Ditch for yourself or a friend.

Three Books and Counting! Here's What I'm Working on Next

The Ultimate Texas Summer Bucket List

Book number two is all about adventuring around the Lone Star State!

I wrote it as the first edition of my four-part Ultimate Texas Bucket List series, and it contains 25 fun things to do during a hot Texas summer.

Even if you’re over 50 and have bad knees, this book is for you!

Get copies of The Ultimate Texas Summer Bucket List for you and all your adventure buddies here.

Three Books and Counting! Here's What I'm Working On Next

The Ultimate Texas Spring Bucket List

Book number three is the second edition in my four-part Ultimate Texas Bucket List series.

In this edition, you’ll find 25 MORE fun things to do in Texas – before it gets really hot!

Ready to get out there and see some more of our great state?

Here’s a link to purchase The Ultimate Texas Spring Bucket List for you and absolutely every other adventure-seeking Texan you know.

Three Books and Counting! Here's What I'm Working on Next

What I’m Working on Next

Woo hoo!

It’s been so exciting to reach some of my serious writing goals and to keep moving toward accomplishing more.

What I’m working on next is book number three in The Ultimate Texas Bucket List series, the Fall edition. Ohhhh, it’s so good.

There are 25 fabulous adventure ideas in this book – from pumpkins to picnics.

Who doesn’t love the fall in Texas?

And right on its heels will be the winter edition.

We’re so privileged to live in Texas during the winter, y’all. While there’s delightful snow falling up north, gorgeous, temperate days can be enjoyed down south.

My Ultimate Texas Winter Bucket List will have you literally itchin’ to see and do all 25 things!

Don’t worry. I’ll let you know when I’ve reached both of these writing goals and they hit the presses. (Be sure you’re signed up to receive my newsletter!)

You know, the best thing about my four-part Bucket List series is that each book contains 25 things that can be checked off in the span of a three-month season. I think most people would get pretty overwhelmed with a book that sets out a long list of a hundred things every Texan should do in a lifetime.

(Note: if you like to physically check off a list, you might want to order the paperback version.)

A list of 25 fun ideas per season is way more doable.

And that’s my real goal – that we do them.

Because staying intentionally adventurous keeps us thinking about ourselves a little – and thinking about every other good thing in life a lot.

Your devoted encourager,

Blogging to encourage intentional adventure!

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