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Things I’m Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Things I'm Glad I Did During the Quarantine

Just like you and everyone else I know, the global pandemic we’ve experienced has been a crazy time in history and a strange time in life.

Because of one tiny, microscopic, particle, our whole world has been shut down, locked down and set into isolation mode. Other pandemics have occurred, just not in my lifetime or yours. It’s been big, bad, and all kinds of ugly, my friends.

However, if we’ve looked for it, the good that has come along with this pandemic has been easy to find.

The vibration of our planet has slowed, and noise levels have measured far less. Healthcare workers have risen up as heroes, and parents have become trustworthy teachers.

True, these last few months have been weird as all get out, yet, as we now begin to open back up as a society, I’m already reflectin on the things I’m glad I did during the coronavirus quarantine.

Made My First Creme Brulee

Do you have an all-time favorite dessert? I’m not really talking about the standard “favorites” that you make at home on the reg, like cookies and pound cake.

I’m talking more about that thing you can’t resist when the waiter places the dessert menu on your table and starts describing what you said you weren’t going to have no matter what. 

For me, that’s always been creme brulee.

I just love the richness of the custard, the depth of the vanilla and that crack of crystallized sugar on top.

My Favorite Dessert

My husband and I have enjoyed trying versions of this delicacy all over the place. Once, we had creme brulee and a glass of champagne with our kids on a trip to D.C.

Another time we finished a celebration dinner with creme brulee at Capital Grille in Austin before seeing a play with our granddaughter.

What better time could there be than during the conoravirus quarantine of 2020 to try try making it myself? After all, I didn’t see it on any of the take-out menus, so there’s that. Also, I didn’t want to sink into a depression of any kind, either. So, I made it and will make it again. Because, wow. It was much easier than I expected it to be.

Using this recipe from The New York Times, I measured and baked and even scooped out seeds from a vanilla bean to arrive at what we decided was pretty darn good creme brulee.

The recipe made enough for five ramekins. That meant we could each have our own two days in a row. On day three, we had to share. Which was a crying shame.

Things I'm Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Enjoyed Zoom Calls

Another first was having Zoom calls with friends. One friend lives in Taiwan and comes to visit occasionally. But we typically only keep up via Facebook messages and pictures on Instagram. Through Zoom, we got to talk and laugh and get to know his new fiance. What a treat!

I also Zoomed with two friends from my high school church youth group in Amarillo. Then with my long-time besties from Canyon, and college girlfriends who all live in different cities. This week, I have more Zoom calls planned with coworkers, present and past.

I can definitely see us continuing this new trend!

Things I'm Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Lots of Walks

Because of the shutdown, most of us have had to forego the gym and opt for in-home workouts or long walks around the neighborhood. I think for some people, this has been harder than others.

All of our kids are in a pattern of structured workouts in local gyms. So, they’ve had to improvise more than Mike and I have. We mostly walk anyway, along with some stretching and an occasional dance around the kitchen.

But during this coronavirus quarantine, we’ve expanded our route to include some new routes and sidestreets. We typically eat a bite of dinner, lace up our shoes, and I ask: Where do you want to walk tonight?

My man is a planner, so he has already thought it through, guaranteed. He’ll say: Oh, let’s walk south this time. We can go to Klyde Warren Park that way and come back this other way.

Life’s gotten really simple during this pandemic, hasn’t it?

Things I'm Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine
Beautiful life-size statue of Benjamin Franklin sitting on a park bench at Lee Park in Dallas

How About You?

This coronavirus quarantine has likely been as crazy a time for you as it has for me. Maybe more so. How will it go down in your memory?

Did some special things happen, like the birth of a grandchild? Have you had the blessing of all the kids home from college?

Have you enjoyed going to online church in your jammies? Maybe you finally got the garage cleaned out?!

Well, the end of the coronavirus quarantine is in sight now, and I know we’re all glad for that. In the meantime, we will keep wearing our masks and washing our hands to keep from spreading the germ.

We’re all in this together.

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