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Texas Berry Farms: 7 Best Places to Pick Your Own

Texas Berry Farms - 7 Best Places to Pick Your Own

May is National Strawberry Month, and we certainly believe in celebrating that kind of thing here in Texas.

Our grocery stores are well-stocked with nature’s berry bounty, and many farmers markets make finding delicious strawberries as easy as, well, pie.

As for blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, Texas is growing plenty of those as well.

What’s the best way to celebrate berries this month – or all during Texas springtime?

By picking them straight off the plant at one of many Texas berry farms!

7 Best Texas Berry Farms

Here’s a list of 7 best Texas berry farms where you can pick your own plump and juicy berries.

In Central Texas

  • Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls – Here at Sweet Berry Farm, you’ll find strawberry fields, blackberry bushes, ice cream and lots of fun things for the grandkids to do. They’re closed on Wednesday, and you’ll want to check hours of operation here for the other days of the week. It’s a beautiful drive from Austin to Marble Falls! And if you’re hungry from all the pickin’, plan to enjoy a big diner style breakfast or lunch at the world famous Bluebonnet Cafe before heading back home.
  • Punkin Center Berry Farm west of Wacopick two varieties of blackberries for around $4.00 a pound at Punkin Center Berry Farm. More details here

In East Texas

  • Blueberry Hill Farms in EdomPick your own blueberries and blackberries here. Baked goods are also for sale. Stay in the farm’s Blueberry Farmhouse (listed on Airbnb) for a longer visit. Enter your email address here to be notified with opening day details. 

In North Texas

  • Bloomer’s Garden and Flower Farm in Sadler (formerly Wild Berry Farm) – A June getaway to North Texas to pick blackberries? Ah, yes, I see this in my future. Pick your own berries and beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers at Bloomer’s Garden, about an hour and a half north of Dallas.
Where to Find Berries in Texas

Berries growing on the beautiful plants at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls

In South Texas

  • Jollisant Farm in Plantersville – Enjoy berry picking, vegetable gathering and more at Jollisant Farm, about an hour northwest of Houston.

  • Froberg’s Farm – Pick your own strawberries in the spring, then come back in the fall to pick punkins!

  • Berryland Farms of Texas – Less than an hour southwest of Beaumont lies Winnie, Texas, the home of Berryland Farms. Blueberries and blackberries are ready to be picked starting mid-May. Check the website for more details on berry picking and veggie gathering.
Where to Find Berries in Texas
A few of the beautiful berries we picked at Sweet Berry Farm

Enjoy Texas Berries Without Picking Them

If you’d rather “go out” than pick your own and create a berry-dressed-up dessert at home, here are a few suggestions.

Where to Find Berries in Texas

Photo courtesy The Driskill Hotel

Scrumptious Texas Berries

No matter how you like ’em, Texas berries are plentiful and scrumptious.

And they’re just waiting for you to pick a bucketful at a Texas berry farm near you.

How do you like to eat your Texas berries?

Do you make homemade strawberry jam for your morning toast?

Maybe you have a favorite smoothie recipe, blended with plenty of fresh blueberries?

Leave a comment below.

Encouraging everyday intentional adventure and lots of Texas berry pickin’,

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