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5 Compelling Reasons to Visit a Church You’ve Never Been to Before

Several years ago, in the time between our 4th and 6th moves, I was speaking regularly to women's groups. The title of my talk had something to do with having crowned myself "The Queen of New Beginnings." I'm not bothered by that title at all.  In fact, it still fits, and I rather like it. For me, new beginnings involve a great deal of anticipated joy and a certain amount of adventurous excitement. In many ways, I've grown so accustomed to going with the flow that I hardly know what to do if I'm not navigating through a sea of

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Churches in Austin – There are Plenty of Good Ones

If I could teach the world to sing... No, that's not it. If I could wish upon a star... No, that's not it, either. OK, if I could save time in a bottle... Nope. How about this one: If I could persuade the whole world to believe... That's it.  If I could persuade the whole world to believe in Jesus, that would be IT for me. That would make me so happy! But, here's the thing. I can't. Pointing the Way What I can do is this:  I can tell you my own story of faith in Jesus Christ, and I can also point you to a place

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