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Top 10 Texas Day Trips to Take This Fall

Fall Has Arrived! It's finally fall in Texas, y'all! And you know what that means, right? We're out and we're about. Our minds are off the heat, and we're ready to experience a little weekend adventure around this beautiful state of ours. I've been so excited to bring you my list of this year's Top 10 Texas Day Trips to Take This Fall. There's something for absolutely everyone, including music, foliage, boating and hiking. Each location can be enjoyed in the space of a day, but if you want to stretch your day trip into a full

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15 Ways to Make it Feel a Little More Like Fall in Texas

Once we've endured a hot Texas summer and worn the elastic out of everyone's swimsuits, it's time to make the smooth and velvety transition into the cooler temperatures and warmer colors of fall. Though the thermometer displays a summer number, never fear. It's going to get cooler soon. However, we can all spur it on just a little faster with a few tips and tricks. Here are 15 ways to make it feel a little more like fall in Texas. The aspens of Colorado - by Jeff Stovall (see more of his work on Instagram @jnstovall)  1.

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A Scenic Day Trip to Krause Springs for a Late Fall Picnic

I Dearly Love Thanksgiving  The flavors of fall, the togetherness of the holiday, the Texas weather in November - what's not to love about Thanksgiving?  Besides all that, there are the endless rounds of family games.  One of our favorites is a card game called Nertz. Ooooh-weeee. This game brings out the best (competitive spirit) and the worst (cheaters, cheaters, punkin' eaters) in our family. My sister-in-law is the queen of speed when it comes to Nertz. Her cards can fly across a table big as Dallas and still land on the

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