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Let’s Go to Luckenbach, Texas

Let's Go to Luckenbach, Texas! Most Texans can sing right along with Willie Nelson's famous song that put this tiny Texas spot on the map. But a whole bunch of us really have no idea where it is, much less what we'll find once we get there. When we lived in Austin, one of the long-time locals asked if we wanted to see this Texas hole in the road for ourselves, and what did we say? You better believe it. Is the Pope Catholic? Do fish swim? Is Willie Nelson the king of country music? We were all in. Let's go to Luckenbach,

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Top 10 Texas Day Trips to Take This Fall

Fall Has Arrived! It's finally fall in Texas, y'all! And you know what that means, right? We're out and we're about. Our minds are off the heat, and we're ready to experience a little weekend adventure around this beautiful state of ours. I've been so excited to bring you my list of this year's Top 10 Texas Day Trips to Take This Fall. There's something for absolutely everyone, including music, foliage, boating and hiking. Each location can be enjoyed in the space of a day, but if you want to stretch your day trip into a full

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Fredericksburg is Known for Its Orchards and Vineyards

Most people in the Texas Hill Country are well aware and pretty well-acquainted with a little German town situated between Austin and El Paso. Well, actually, it's a mighty "fer piece" from El Paso, but, still, it is between here and there. Fredericksburg is Home to Many Orchards Since at least as early as 1936, the Fredericksburg area has been the natural home for growers of pretty peaches. A short search reveals red dots on the map, indicating names like Eckhardt, Marburger, Vogel and Jenschke, family names of orchards that

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How to Plan the Perfect Texas Day Trip

One thing about Texans that seems to be true across the board is this. We love our day trips. Day Trips are Part of Being a Texan People who live in other states enjoy a nice Saturday outing as well, but there's something different about the Texas day trip. Most Americans probably want to see parts of the states in which they live, however, we who claim residence in the Lone Star State are loath to think we will never cover every square mile of ours. There's Only One Problem All it takes is a picnic basket and a full tank of

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A Visit to the LBJ Ranch is a Must-Do Texas Day Trip

We Texans love to drive around our vast and beautiful state. With endless points to explore, in categories from scenic to educational, it takes a lifetime to hit all the high points. That's why day trips are such a big deal for we who love the Lone Star State. A day here, a day there, a few hours of intentional adventure spent seeing something new, adds up to a long list of what makes us proud to be who we are. A Visit to the LBJ Ranch is a Must-Do Texas Day Trip A visit to the LBJ Ranch is a must-do Texas day trip. The whole

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The Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well Near Wimberley

Two places that always top the charts of Austin area must-see locations are The Blue Hole and Jacob's Well. After 4 years of living here, we recently decided it was way past time to see these two gems for ourselves. If you're like us, and you've never seen these well-Instagrammed spots either, check out the reservation pages here and here. There are still available times between now and the last day of swimming - September 30. The Blue Hole The Blue Hole itself is a gorgeous water feature inside the 126-acre Blue Hole Regional

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Day Trip to Pedernales Falls State Park

One of the best things about living in Austin is its proximity to so many scenic spots in the Texas Hill Country. In a short hour's time from downtown Austin, much of Texas' rugged beauty can be experienced and enjoyed. The next time you find yourself hankerin' for a switch from your regular routine, consider a day trip to Pedernales Falls State Park. C.A. and Harriet Wheatley were a well-suited couple who enjoyed camping and fishing together for years after they were married in 1916. They were also a good business team,

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It’s a Miracle! 4 New Pairs of Shoes that Don’t Hurt My Feet?!?

It's not that I have a fetish or anything (that sounds pretty creepy), but on the other hand, I  do notice pretty feet. And I'm certainly not the only one.   The Chinese have long ago discontinued the tradition of foot binding; however, it was a practice long- considered as greatly contributing to the beauty of a wealthy young girl. In India, children bow to touch the feet of their elders as a sign of great respect. Don't show the sole of your shoe when visiting the Middle East, but do try to trip on your left foot when in Russia

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A Scenic Day Trip to Krause Springs for a Late Fall Picnic

I Dearly Love Thanksgiving  The flavors of fall, the togetherness of the holiday, the Texas weather in November - what's not to love about Thanksgiving?  Besides all that, there are the endless rounds of family games.  One of our favorites is a card game called Nertz. Ooooh-weeee. This game brings out the best (competitive spirit) and the worst (cheaters, cheaters, punkin' eaters) in our family. My sister-in-law is the queen of speed when it comes to Nertz. Her cards can fly across a table big as Dallas and still land on the

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