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The First Time I Went to Black Church

The First Time I Went to Black Church Our small college town had a great pastor. If ever there was a man who loved God with all his heart, it was the preacher we called Brother Jim. He preached a little fire and brimstone, mixed it with a generous helping of love, and faithfully fed his flock. One Sunday, Brother Jim announced that another congregation of believers would be joining us in a few weeks. He and a friend wanted to combine their churches for a Revival. That meant the singing was going to be out of this world. And we

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5 Good Reasons to Visit a Church You’ve Never Been to Before

Are you moving to a new city or simply finding yourself in the need of a fresh start? Where we worship is an important decision, and it may take a few uncomfortable moments to figure out. But there's no real way around it. If you're going to go to church, you have to be a visitor in the beginning. Don't let the fear of being new hold you back. Here are 5 good reasons to visit a church you've never been to before. New Beginnings Several years ago, in the time between our 4th and 6th moves, I was speaking regularly to women's

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50 Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday in Austin, Texas

Welcome to the Fabulous 50's, my friend!  How are you feeling about your big 5-0? Does it feel like this date flopped onto the calendar out of the blue, or have you been planning a celebratory shindig for months? Either way, let me just assure you, life is about to get good in a whole lot of new ways. So get yourself a warm mug of Metamucil, and read on, my friend. 50 Ways to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday in Austin, Texas The following list of 50 Ways to Celebrate Your BIG 5-0 is about to inspire the compression socks right

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Churches in Austin – There are Plenty of Good Ones

If I could teach the world to sing... No, that's not it. If I could wish upon a star... No, that's not it, either. OK, if I could save time in a bottle... Nope. How about this one: If I could persuade the whole world to believe... That's it.  If I could persuade the whole world to believe in Jesus, that would be IT for me. That would make me so happy! But, here's the thing. I can't. Pointing the Way What I can do is this:  I can tell you my own story of faith in Jesus Christ, and I can also point you to a place

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Mother’s Day Without the Kids – How I Made it Through

*Update: Since the first publication of this post, we've moved to Dallas, but I'll always have sweet memories of this first Mother's Day in Austin without the kids. In spite of the fact that it was so different from the others, it was still so good! How I Made it Through Mother's Day Without the Kids Since we’ve moved to Austin, and since everyone in the family lives somewhere else, we just can’t be together on every single important occasion. That can be a little hard, especially since we spent so many years living near

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