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Soup and Sandwich – at Garbo’s Food Truck

There are at least two things about parenting that they just don’t tell you in the manual.

 1. You can’t really practice ahead of time how to use a rectal thermometer. 
 2. PTA will wear you completely out… in a very good way.

The year we moved to the country so that our 5th grade son could raise and show pigs (yikes!), our rural school district was bursting at the seams.

There were three schools in the district: elementary, middle and a brand new high school.  That meant that the parent/teacher organizations had to work together and support each other’s fundraising efforts.  Too many or too often could mean less benefit for us all.

It also meant that if you wanted a good turnout  that translated into dollars for new stuff at the school – your event better be a hum-dinger. 

Previously, I had been PTA communications chair (imagine that!) at one of my other kids’s schools, and I have no idea now which one it was (imagine that!!!), but then at the new school….

The mom of four kids who had been doing  PTA for like 100 years said she was

She asked if I wanted to do it. All it involved was manning the concession stand and planning a catered lunch for teacher appreciation day, she said. Easy peasy. No biggie. Ain’t no thang.

Since this was my third and last child, and I would never again have an opportunity to chair my kids’ PTA, I enthusiastically said I sure would.

 I rustled up a group of the most amazing, hard-working women to help, and, together, we raised some much needed funds for our little rural middle school. 
 Even though Michael Martin Murphey came through for us, our crowning achievement was back-to-school night in the parking lot – with a food truck.
The news channels were there and everything


Food trucks are way more commonplace today – but, that doesn’t mean they’re all as fantastic as Garbo’s in Austin.

What I ordered:                              Clam chowder and a lobster roll (only the second one I’ve ever had in my life).

Where I ate it:                                 On a park bench on the street during my lunch hour.

What I thought about it:             It was absolutely delicious.

Since we live downtown, Mike and I usually walk home for lunch.  On this day, however, fall was in the air, it was our first time to see a Garbo’s truck, we both LOVE clam chowder, and our only other option was a much less appealing homemade tuna sandwich.

It just took one bite of that lobster for me to wish we could close our eyes, click our heels and be transported to matching ocean-blue Adirondack chairs somewhere on the coast of Maine.  It was rich and buttery, and not too much of either one.

The beauty of the whole Garbo’s thing is that, while an Eastern seaboard trip is on our bucket list, we don’t have to go to Maine to get a taste of it.

If you live in North Austin, the Garbo’s brick and mortar is probably pretty close to you.  Here’s what you can find there, along with lots of great menu options:

Tuesday          $1.50 oysters

Wednesday     1/2 price bottles of wine

Thursday         1/2 price burgers (add lobster if you’d like) 

Fri/Sat              Specials announced daily

Sunday              Brunch 10:30-3:00

Either way, storefront or food truck, if you see that nautical-styled logo with the big blue G, pull over.  A luscious lobster roll is in your future.

Of course, if you can get them for your PTA fundraiser, even better.  
Or you could have corndogs. 
People like those, too.

Encouraging intentional adventure and a taste of Maine right here in Austin, Texas,

PS – Thanks to everyone who participated in my Facebook combo challenge last week.  Congratulations to the winner, who guessed chicken & waffles and won a $50 Amazon gift card!  Another giveaway coming up soon!

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