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Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

If life were all about the shopping, I would definitely come up short and be constantly confessing my aversion for it. I just don’t love to shop.

H-o-w-e-v-e-r, when it comes to this kind of shopping, I can do it all the livelong day. Put me in a store where the music is good and there’s something yummy to drink while browsing, and you have now lured me in like a slow southern catfish who only goes for the best of the bait.

Speaking of bait, Texas is home to some beautiful communities where fishing is not afar off, my friends. Do you see where I’m going with this line of thought?

If your man can fish while you shop, it’s a win-win kind of weekend.

Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

If you enjoy weekend getaways to the Hill Country of Texas, you might want to consider Lakeway for the next one.

People started finding this gorgeous spot on the southern shores of Lake Travis in the late 1800’s and then bought up beautiful land in the early 1900’s at the high cost of $6 per acre. Today, the city considers itself a home for families who love a lake-lifestyle in a growth-managed community with good schools and lots of things to do on the weekend. (For more on the history of the area, click here.)

Including, of course, shopping.

Whether you’re looking for a baby gift, a Christmas ornament or something cute to wear to dinner on the lake, you’ll find it at one of these three stores.

Steel Magnolia Marketplace

Newbies on the shopping block in Lakeway is Steel Magnolia Marketplace. Two friends teamed up a year ago to create a gift store that feels like Truvy’s beauty salon in the movie Steel Magnolias.

Marketing themselves as the purveyors of Southern charm, these ladies are a class act. They are filled with joy, always smiling, but real enough to ask their customers how they’re doing today and genuinely listen to the response. If you just buried your daddy, they’ll offer you a mimosa, give you a hug and ask you how things are going the next time you drop by.

Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

You’ll find a great selection of gift books here. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Linda and Janey – the purveyors of Southern charm. (photo – @steelmagnoliamarketplace on Instagram)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

The latest jewelry trend – made with piano wire. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)

The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe is another beautiful gift store in Lakeway. Responsible for the buying, displaying and selling are a mother/daughter team who both have a bent for all things artistic.

You’ll love the oversized wooden front door, the jazzy music and the cute clothing pieces at The Wardrobe. Be sure to check out the mosaic mirror in the ladies’ room, too. It was made by one of the owner’s friends, and it’s amazing.

Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Behind the check-out counter at The Wardrobe. (Photo – Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

On the other side of this display are some cool gifts for men. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

The owner’s daughter paints beautiful scenes from US National Parks. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)

Magpie Blossom Boutique

Just down the sidewalk from The Wardrobe is a full-service floral shop with tons of great gift ideas. It’s called Magpie Blossom Boutique, and during the holidays, the store is decorated from top to bottom for a very sensory shopping experience. The sweet apron-clad staff offers little samples of fried pecans and chocolate popcorn. Yum.

Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

It looks and smells like Christmas at Magpie. (photo- Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

The store is roomy with lots of decorated nooks. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Cute honeybee wallet by Spartina. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Huge display of Sugarfina candies for creating one-of-a-kind gift boxes. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Buyer’s remorse, here. I SO wish I would have bought this book. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)

Places for the Hubs to Hang

Just in case your man isn’t interested in perusing the perimeters of Lakeway’s gift stores with you, he can hang at your weekend rental. Here are just three of the ones I found on Airbnb. Pretty inviting, right?

Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Tiny house rental for lovers of small spaces. (photo – Airbnb)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Lakeway Condo for $129 per night. (photo – Airbnb)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

Cabin 71 located in nearby Spicewood, Texas. (photo – Airbnb)

Takin’ Home the Goods

This is how you know it’s been a good day of shopping. The most enthusiastic of our sex might have come home with a whole lot more, but for me, the non-shopper, the success of the day was finding just the right gifts for people I really love.


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas.

Half the fun is the cute sacks. (photo – Austin Over Fifty)


Shopping in Lakeway, Texas

My granddaughter shows pigs at the county stock show. She’ll love this ornament from Magpie! (photo – Austin Over Fifty)

Now, what do you say we go celebrate over a basket of catfish and fries

Encouraging intentional adventure and intentional shopping for those you love,

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