Why I Wish I Could Have Known Lady Bird Johnson

Why I Wish I Could Have Known Lady Bird Johnson

On a visit to the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, I expected to learn a lot about Lyndon Baines Johnson and the time he spent as President of the United States. Which I did. There were so many tidbits of history I had never known before. As we meandered through the exhibits, I pondered how truly difficult was the time in our nation's history when this man was called upon to lead us. I found myself wishing I had asked my parents more about how it had impacted them to live through it. In addition, our time at the library made me

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Things I'm Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Things I’m Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Things I'm Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine Just like you and everyone else I know, the global pandemic we've experienced has been a crazy time in history and a strange time in life. Because of one tiny, microscopic, particle, our whole world has been shut down, locked down and set into isolation mode. Other pandemics have occurred, just not in my lifetime or yours. It's been big, bad, and all kinds of ugly, my friends. However, if we've looked for it, it's been easy to find some good that has come along with it. The

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Wearing a Mask - a Timely Insight

Thou Shalt Wear a Mask – A Timely Insight

Thou Shalt Wear a Mask  Here we are in the middle, or peak, of a global pandemic, the likes of which no one living on our planet has ever seen before. In four or five or six weeks (anyone else losing track?) time, we've adjusted from going to staying, from out to in, and from carefree to way, way, way careful. This week, masks become mandatory in Dallas, and while I'm ready, I must say that I am so very glad Moses wasn't instructed to inscribe an 11th commandment on his tablets of stone: Thou shalt wear a mask.

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Valentine’s Day in Texas: 5 Special Ways to Celebrate

Valentine's Day in Texas  Texans are known for doing things up big. In fact, even if we're low key about something, we know in our hearts that we can always ramp it up a notch. Or two or three. Valentine's Day in Texas can be a huge celebration, blowing out all the stops, as they say. But it can also be a quiet, romantic occasion, with less fanfare. Either way, Texans have big hearts, and we are known for spreading the love. Here are 5 special ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in Texas. Tip Your Hat Take your favorite Valentine

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Best Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe

The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies Ever

The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies Ever I never met a cookie I didn't like. Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones. I love 'em all. Perhaps it’s because of my pleasant childhood memories associated with after-school cookies and milk. It could also be that cookies were the first thing I ever learned to make all by myself. I remember that I felt so accomplished, so trusted, that my mom would allow me full reign in her kitchen. Snickerdoodles were my first favorite, and I made them all the time for my brothers and me. But I never

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