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Packing Checklist for a Trip to England: My Top 9 Must-Have Things to Take

Packing List for Trip to England

Woo Hoo! I’m heading across the pond! Here’s the packing checklist for my upcoming trip to England, including my top nine must-have essential items to take.

My First Trip to England

Here at Texas Over Fifty, I talk mostly about all my travels around the great state of Texas.

We do travel to other states, like when we took a family trip last year to Montana. Also, Mike and I spent an anniversary weekend a couple of years ago in Seaside, Florida. Hawaii has also been checked off our bucket list several years ago.

But as for England?

I’ve never been there before!

Discover Walkabout Tours

After I became Instagram friends with a gal named Shelly Wildman, we met for breakfast here in Dallas. She was here from her home in Chicago, helping her sisters do some things for their parents.

We talked about our Instagram accounts and about our writing pursuits, but she also told me she felt like God might be leading her to do something new.

Shelly has traveled in Europe for many years, and, because of her familiarity with how to take that kind of overseas trip, people continually asked her if she would ever consider taking a group.

When her teaching position became a little less restrictive, my new friend wondered if maybe she should look at doing for other people what they might never be able to do for themselves.

That’s how Discover Walkabout began.

Then when Shelly shared on Instagram about an upcoming trip she was planning to The Cotswolds, I mentioned it to Mike. How cool that she’s only taking a small group of Christian women, I told him. We also talked about the places this group would go.

“If I ever took a trip to England, that’s the part of the country I would want to see.”

The next thing I knew, September 2-10 was marked off on my calendar, and I was buying a new suitcase!

Packing Checklist

Here is my packing checklist for a one-week trip to England, based on the itinerary planned by our able Guide:

Nine Must-Have Items on My Packing Checklist

These nine must-have items will also be packed into my new carry-on luggage.

  • Passport – with a copy for the Guide
  • Two Pair Reading Glasses – just in case one got broken, I’ll have a spare
  • Toe Separators – these things are amazing. I wear them every day!
  • Silk Pillowcase – I’m taking one of these for myself and my roomie
  • Facial Products – my favorite skin care makes a starter kit that is perfect for travel
  • Hair Rollers – our guide cautioned against taking our straighteners and encouraged us to “let our hair go”. How possible that is for me is yet to be seen. LOL! However, I’ve been experimenting ahead of time with more blow dry styling and have been using a few jumbo rollers to set some soft curls while I get dressed and do my face. So, I’m packing 5 rollers and pins to hold them in place.
  • Smile Direct Trays – I corrected my smile a few years ago and wear the trays every other night to keep it straight. (Here’s a link for $100 off if you’re interested in doing this for yourself.)
  • Wine Drops – I don’t drink very often, but the cost of our trip includes wine with our dinner every night. My SIL got me these drops after he heard about them from a coworker. This product has changed my world. For some reason, with all the hormonal midlife shifts, even a small glass of wine (expensive or cheap) was enough to bring on a horrible headache. Since using these drops, I’ve not had a single headache after drinking wine. Like I said, I’m not a big drinker, but with these drops, if I want to share a glass with the group, I won’t have to worry about being down in the bed the next day!
  • Packing Cubes – a friend gave me this really cute set of monogrammed packing cubes, and I will never pack without them again! Whew – what a game changer. (I think my son will be getting a more generic set like these for Christmas, but don’t tell him.)

Did You Watch Downton Abbey?

Ahhh. I loved Downton Abbey. Did you watch it?

All fans of the series have favorites in the lineup of Downton characters. Mine is Violet Crawley, Lady Dowager of Grantham.

In every episode, her lines were delivered with ease and grace – and a whole lot of saucy wit.

I’m sure that the England I see on this trip will be experienced much differently than when I watched the goings on of British royalty from my end of an average couch in Texas.

I’m not expecting servants who will whisk in and choose my clothes for the day.

But there will be lively conversations around the breakfast table, drives through the English countryside and most assuredly, a spot or two of afternoon tea.

This is not going to be a packed itinerary, running here and running there.

Our pace will be fast enough only to keep a timely British shed-yule, and slow enough to allow for the making of many memories. All of which will chuff me to bits, ol’ chap.

After all:

“At my age, one must ration one’s excitement.” (Lady Dowager)

Kinda makes you want to rewatch the whole series, doesn’t it?

Follow Along on My Trip to England

If you want to follow along with me on my dreamy trip to England, be sure to watch my Stories on Instagram. I’ll be posting pictures of where we go and what we eat.

Also, if I get to see The Queen, you’ll see it first on IG. (That would be exciting!)

I might also have some more items to add to a packing checklist for a trip to England.

Until then, Tally Ho, my friend! I’m off to gather my wits.

Please tell me you can hear a British accent in your ears right about now. Ha!

Your devoted adventure encourager,

Blogging to encourage intentional adventure!

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