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The 5 Restaurants Next Up On My List to Try

The Next 5 Restaurants On My List to Try

If you’re a list-maker, list-taker, list-lover like I am, you might also have a list of all the restaurants you’ve tried, liked, loved – or wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I have such lists, and in the same order as the previous categories, my lists are long, long, long and short. Here’s why.

It’s not hard for me to find something I like at pretty much any restaurant.  Especially in Austin.

While I definitely have developed a detailed list of favorites, I’m always game for trying some grub at a new spot or checking an establishment off my ever-lenthening list of heard-about-but-haven’t-tried-yet local favorites, like Snow’s BBQ.

The 5 Restaurants Next Up On My List to Try in Austin

We eat at home most weeknights, but on the weekends or when the kids come to visit, we’re out and about, intentionally adventuring all over Austin.

And not going hungry.

So, here is my list of the next 5 restaurants where we are planning to partake:

1. Tiny Boxwoods – Austin

Our daughter and son-in-law found the Houston location of Tiny’s and have mentioned it many times. Now, we Austinites have a centrally-located one of our own at 1503 W. 35th.  While only dinner is served currently, the restaurant will expand its menu to include breakfast and lunch this summer. For now, walk-in daily customers can pick up a sandwich and some of the chocolate chip cookies that are known as the restaurant’s biggest claim to fame.

Next 5 Restaurants on My List to Try

Photo courtesy Tiny Boxwoods

2.  Jeffrey’s 

Photo courtesy Jeffrey’s of Austin

We’ve been hearing about Jeffrey’s since we moved to Austin and just haven’t tried it yet. Since reservations are required for most evenings, we may try Jeffrey’s happy hour, which is always in the conversation when people talk about their favorite after-work places for appetizers and drinks.

3. Blue Corn Harvest Bar & Grill

We’re not up north as much as we used to be, but I’d like to give this restaurant a try. Maybe we’ll drive up there for brunch after church and then take a long walk at Brushy Creek Trail.  Blue Corn is open 7 days a week and located at 700 East Whitestone Blvd.

Ruby Red Trout (Photo courtesy

4. Pecan Street Station in Pflugerville

One of my coworkers has a standing Saturday morning breakfast date with her daughter. Each week, they meet to catch up over some good old fashioned diner breakfast biscuits and gravy or pancakes. Since we have a college boy home for just a few weeks before he kicks off his summer far away from home, and since we know the way to that boy’s heart, I think we’ll venture over to Pflugerville and enjoy some conversation with our favorite 21-year old.

Photo courtesy Pecan Street Station

5. Pieous

I’ve been to Pieous, but the sweet man who married me hasn’t had the opportunity. Ever since some sweet coworkers treated me to this amazing pizza/pastrami experience, I’ve wanted to take my man. It’s time. It’s on the list, which, by all accounts, means we’re halfway there. Pieous is known for two things: amazing pizza and equally amazing pastrami. I can’t wait to go back, and my man is going to love it.

Next 5 Restaurants on My List to Try

Homemade Pastrami (Photo courtesy Serious Eats)

So, what’s next on your list? Have your friends been raving about somewhere they’ve gone that you’re now itching to try? Do it, I say! Half the fun of living in Austin is the tremendous selection of great food.

Gather a friend or two – maybe combine a new restaurant with a road trip to a favorite winery – and enjoy the adventure of it all. It’s Austin!

Encouraging intentional adventure and trying something new,

PS – Do you love a neighborhood restaurant? Of all the BBQ in Austin, do you have a favorite? Send me your recommendations – I’d love to add them to my list! 

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