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Need a Last-Minute Gift Idea for Mom?

Since 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed Mother’s Day into national observance, the second Sunday in May has been the day to celebrate our moms. Out of all the Sundays in the year, I wonder how Mr. Wilson chose this one. Did he and his wife, Ellen, discuss it? Did he ask the mother of his three daughters when she thought might be the best Sunday for Americans to celebrate their beloved mothers from now until forever?

I have no idea! However, if you ask me, he did good.  Winter is gone, and spring has come. Frost has given way to flowers, and, really, what says, “I love you, Mom,” more than a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Flowers are a perfect last-minute gift

If you didn’t plan ahead for delivery, never fear.  H-E-B is here.  At your neighborhood supermarket, you can have a little fun designing your very own bouquet for mom. Start gathering shades of her favorite color and then mix in some baby’s breath and a few sprigs of greenery. Voila! You’ve created the perfect gift for mom to hold as you take pictures together.

Tap into a trend

What mom wouldn’t love a gift that was one of Oprah’s favorite things? I LOVE my hot pink Peepers, and your mom will love a pair, too. The colors are vibrant, they wear really well, they come with a fabric case, and they’re absolutely bargain-priced. You can go to the corner pharmacy and pick up a pair of regular ol’ readers – or you can hunt up a stylish pair of Peepers for about five dollars more.  Wrap some polka-dot ribbon around the latest bestselling beach read with a pair of trendy Peepers on top and your mom will be raving about your thoughtfulness for weeks to come. Get them from Amazon here, from the website here, or from a whole list of local stores here.

Give your Mom an excuse to pamper herself

Some moms are the world’s worst at ever doing anything to pamper themselves and others know the value of a good soak in a frothy tub of bubbles. That’s where Lush comes in, and lucky for us, Austin has two shops (one on 6th and one at the Domain) where you can pick up a last-minute Mother’s Day gift of the ultimate pampering kind. Get something packaged, or just go browse a while until you settle on the perfect combination for your mom. Lush shops are packed with goodies, but don’t worry about the overwhelm – the sales staff is exceptional and will help you find just the right oatmeal mask or star-filled bath bomb that turns the water blue.  Even if you just want to give your mom a sweet card and a single scrumptious bath product from Lush, you will have done good, sonny boy.  

Mother’s Day shoes? Why not?

Recently, the sweet man who married me drove me all over town on a shopping trip for one thing – a comfortable pair of wedges. Now, that’s love, isn’t it? So, if your wife’s love language is shoes, how about a Mother’s Day after-brunch-shoe-shopping trip? Or, you can sit together on the couch and really show some love as she peruses Amazon’s mega-selection as you act all kinds of interested.  Frivolous and fun, or smart and stylish, shoes are always on the mind of a Mom.  Aren’t these cute from Hot Chocolate Design? Mom and daughter matching shoes? Now, that’s a gift that’s fun, easy, and absolutely sure to get you some brownie points.

Take her out for a fun dessert

If your mom is truly more the type who enjoys an experience more than a gift, here’s a great idea. Take her out for a special flambe, brulee or chocolate pinata.  What? Chocolate pinata, you say? Uh-huh. That’s what I said. Uncle Julio’s has you covered (in chocolate) in the special dessert department. Ride the Metro Rail from North Austin, walk over to Uncle Julio’s on Brazos, sit where the windows are open, listen to the Tejano music, crack open that chocolate shell, and hear your wife (or mom) gasp with delight. Well, that’s me, but maybe not every mom. Lots of moms keep their wits about them better than I do. 

And there you have it. These five last-minute gift ideas for Mom are winners – like your sweet Mom. She’s a winner because she does so much! I mean, look at all she does!

But, you know what? If she never did another thing but one, she’s a winner. She had you.

Encouraging intentional adventure and a splash of adventure with your Mama, Momma, Mom, Madre, or in my case, “Merm,”

PS – Happy Mother’s Day to my stylish Mom. The last time she was in Austin, we bought new sunglasses and went to a movie at the Violet Crown. Here, I was telling her to pose and pretend she’s a city-mom. Basically, this was her standard vacation hand-on-hip pose my whole growing up life.  Isn’t she cute in her sunglasses from the Peach Tree Restaurant and Gifts in Fredericksburg?

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  • Karen

    Great ideas….I may have to have a chocolate piñata next Austin trip! Love you, Faye!

    • Brenda McDearmon

      Yes, I see a chocolate pinata in your Austin future, my sweet friend! Love you bunches!