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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in Texas

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Y’all!

When it comes to national days of celebration (more than 1500 of them!), how can it get any better than this one?


I mean, some things just deserve their own day, right?


Mothers … Fathers … Independence … and Ice Cream Sandwiches! Oh, well, why not?


It’s fun to celebrate, and who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich, so I’m all for it. Definitely down for dat, my friends.


August 2nd, you are a day to be commended.


Ice Cream Sandwiches Go Way Back


According to this beautiful book, Of Sugar and Snow: A History of Ice Cream Making, the ice cream sandwich wasn’t a thing until just before the turn of the 20th century, when a push-cart peddler created them to sell. Guess how much? One penny.


But just like some of the big-selling ideas of our day, Mr. Peddler started something great with his wafer/ice cream combo, and now, well, as they say:


The rest is ice cream sandwich history.


Ice Cream Sandwiches are Big Business


How much money is made every year from ALL the selling of ice cream between two layers of cookie, I’m not sure, but one thing is for certain.


Peddling these cool treats, even out of a truck, can actually make you into a millionaire.


Which is exactly what happened to Natasha and Freya, founders of CoolHaus.


Soon after they showed up at a California festival in an old mail-delivery truck that didn’t even have an operational door, their ice cream sandwich idea became quite popular, and business grew really, really big.


Want to try one? Well, Dallas has ’em. Check out the CoolHaus truck schedule here.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice Cream Sandwiches Enjoy World-Wide Fame


In Ireland, what we know as an ice cream sandwich is called a wafer. A thick rectangular block of ice cream is sandwiched between two crispy, crisscrossed cookies, making what the Irish recognize as the most beloved childhood treat.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Photo – Firehouse Bakery on Twitter

An ice cream sandwich served Thai-style is a handheld combination of ice cream scoops and slices of bread.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day


And how about this gooey version with crunchy toffee wafers on top and bottom with ice cream between? Looks like the folks down under know how to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day very well, Mate.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Image: Mashable

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in Texas


Here in Texas, if you want to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, you won’t have any trouble finding a lovely treat to try.


Local grocery stores carry plenty of stock from Texas’ own Blue Bell Creameries, including a creamy, melty version of the ice cream sandwich we all loved as kids.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in Texas


Lick Honest Ice Creams in Austin has several versions we should all have the pleasure of tasting, including this one. House made caramel ice cream, a hint of sea salt, and two soft chocolate cookies is one of Lick’s best creations, but we could also celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day pretty well with Lick’s PB&J ice cream sammie. Yum.


For those of who don’t live in Austin, we will just have to order. Click here to get your own 10-pack, delivered cold, right to your door. They’re pricey, but, hey, if you gotta, you gotta. Or you could always just make a trip to Austin this weekend and get it straight from the shop.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in Texas

Is Your Texas Mouth Waterin’?


Man, is all this talk about ice cream sandwiches making your mouth water like mine?


As, usual, I’ve been thinking about this national day of celebration for a while now. Planning a little adventure around ice cream sandwiches? Yep. On it. Probably driving the hubs a little crazy talking about it, too.


Well, I’m not going to tell you which one I’ve picked out for us to try, because, you know, I hope the suspense of it all will just keep you on the edge of your dang seat, watching for pics and videos on my Facebook and Instagram platforms all day, of course.


But I will tell you that, even though I won’t be making mine at home, it’s still gonna look a little like this one.


(If you want to make yours at home, click here for some inspiration from Sugar Spun Run on how to do it.) 

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

What About You?


Are you ready for a little foodie fun in your neck of the Texas woods on this National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, my friends?


Well, go for it, I say! Get out there and find something different, something wacky, something delicious to celebrate.


Just be sure you send me a pic, okay?


Encouraging everyday intentional adventure, with yummy-national-day-celebrations along the way,

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