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#1 – Moved to Dallas, The Home of Sue Ellen Ewing (Top 10 Experiences of 2018)

Finding people in the workplace who dressed up on Halloween was once pretty hard to do. Now, it’s the norm.

Our entire law firm did it when I worked in Amarillo. One person decided on the theme and divvied up the parts. After that, it was our job to follow orders and show up in a good costume on October 31.

One year I got to be The Queen from Alice in Wonderland, which I loved. “Off with your head!” I practiced on the kids.

The next year, they assigned me the part of the old aunt from Wizard of Oz, which I did not love nearly as much.

This year, I got to be Sue Ellen Ewing (at the oil and gas law firm where I worked, no less), and that was the most fun of all.

We Were Fans

We just couldn’t help ourselves. For every episode of 14 seasons of Dallas, from 1978 to 1991, pretty much everyone I knew was glued to the tube, loving to hate the despicable J.R. Ewing.

Considering the fact that Dallas remains one of the longest lasting full-hour nighttime dramas in TV history, we were all in good company. So to speak.

They Were So Darn Nasty

Just when we thought Larry Hagman would forever be known as a lovable astronaut, he showed up in a black hat with a Texas drawl. Nasty to the core, J.R. Ewing was always cool as a big ol’ cucumber, even in the heat of July, and life pretty much went as he planned it.

Trouble was, he tried to plan it for everyone he knew, including his wife, the beautiful Sue Ellen. His vile antics ended up forcing her to become a little vicious herself. Bless Sue Ellen’s heart. We all knew she would have been so sweet if she could have married someone else. Like Bobby.

But wasn’t the matriarch-mama so precious? I’ve forgotten her name. I guess that’s what precious will get you. Everyone remembers J.R., but we can’t even think of the name of his sweet Mama.

I Can’t Wait to Tour Southfork 

After five years in Austin, Mike and I have moved to Dallas, and I can’t wait to tour Southfork Ranch!

In fact, there are a jillion things I can’t wait to do here.

And eat.

However, it would really behoove us to slow down the wagon and pace ourselves on this next big Texas adventure. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

Happy New Year!

What adventures are you planning for the new year? Do you have a list of restaurants to try? Maybe a slate of road trips for the calendar? Whatever they are and wherever they take you, I’m mighty proud of you for saddling up and riding out, my Over Fifty pardners.

Living Our Best Life

Whether on the ranch or in the city, in the office or on the course, I hope you’ll be living your best life with lots of intentional Texas adventure in the year to come.

Oh, and let me know if you want to tour The Ranch. Maybe I’ll borrow that dark wig again, and we can go together in costume. 

Your devoted encourager,

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