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Love the Ones You’re With – A Day Trip to Brenham

If you’re down and confused…And you don’t remember who you’re talking to…Concentration slips away…Because your baby is so far away…

-Stephen Stills (1970)

OverFiftyers have a lot more in common than our love for ’70s music and platform shoes.  One big thing is this:  The kids don’t live at home anymore.  If we’re lucky, we might have one that comes home from college in the summer.  Lots of us are blessed to live in the same town with our kids, but if not…we make plans to see them whenever, wherever and however possible.  Because being with our kids is a little piece of…


Speaking of heaven – do you think we’ll be eating any barbeque with the angels and the prophets of old?  Bet you never thought of that.  I hadn’t thought of it until just now.  Wonder if Moses would even like Texas barbeque!

But here’s the thing.  Texans sure ’nuff like their barbeque.  And they’ll drive to Brenham to get it.

Lucky for us, Brenham is halfway between us and one of our three kids (and her adorable husband).  So, there you have it. Brenham, barbeque and the kids.  A heavenly day trip for sure.





You know it’s good when they’re taking pictures of the food. smiley face  Y’all, this place is worth the drive.  They play soul music and have great sides.  

Tip:  Go hungry

Tip:  Get there early

Tip:  Get a plate and share – or get a container to go

Next on the day-trip-in-Brenham-with-the-kids agenda:  Pleasant Hill Winery


Tip:  Not the best wine I’ve ever had, but worth trying

Tip:  Sit out on the back deck and share a bottle instead of doing the tasting

Tip:  It’s on the Bluebonnet Wine Trail

Next, we shopped the square for about an hour to work off some of the fun, and then, we ended our day trip as heavenly as it started…with dessert.

Tip:  Must be Heaven has heavenly pies

Tip:  Share

Tip:  You can get Blue Bell ice cream on top if you have any room at all after the barbeque and wine

One last picture.


A sweet little couple we know had just moved to Brenham from way up in the panhandle town of Dalhart.  They were able to meet us for dessert – and, of course, lots of pictures.  After all, I wanted to share the pictures with their parents, because we were definitely, most assuredly, without a doubt, lovin’ the ones we were with. smiley face

Encouraging intentional adventure and a little piece of day-trip heaven with your kids (or someone else’s),

Minor League Baseball in Texas is Major League Fun




PS – When you move to a new place, seeing familiar faces is like a breath of fresh air.  Can you relate?  I’d love to hear.

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