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List of 50 Books I Read This Year

50 Books I Read This Year

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This was a great year of reading, for me, and probably for a lot of us. Covid-19 collectively rocked our world, and it kept us home for weeks on end. Here we are in December 2020, and things are yet to be back to normal. However, blessings have still come our way, not the least of which has been more time to enjoy the simply pleasure of reading. My goal was to read 50 books this year, and, well, thanks to more time at home, my goal was reached.

Here is the list of 50 books I read this year. Most of the titles were books I already owned, some of which had been sitting on shelves for years and moved in boxes several times. We readers know that books can tend to feel like friends, and I simply had never had it within me to get rid of them. However, it was time for me to read the poor little things.

50 Books I Read This Year
Books are stacked a lot of places in our apartment – even in the TV cabinet.




50 Books I read this year included lots of good titles that had been on my shelves for years
This is a favorite bookish photo of my granddaughter reading Anne of Green Gables outside.


  • The Pearl – John Steinbeck (I think this was another garage sale goodie)
  • Texas Conquest – Holly Castillo (purchased at Book People in Austin in the Texas authors section)
  • The Dutch House – Ann Patchett (a read-together with one of my daughters)



  • Twilight Over Burma – Inge Sargent (recommended by a friend whose family served as missionaries in Burma)
  • Grace-Based Parenting – Tim Kimmel (just been sittin’ on the shelf for years)
  • Texas Blood – Roger D. Hodge (recommended at Blue Willow Books when I asked for books about Texas)





50 Books I read This Year Post Includes My Love of Books
Kazan the Wolf Dog serves as an unusual credit card holder at a new Dallas restaurant.



When the challenge began, I made a list in the Notes of my phone, and I gave each title a softly targeted completion goal. Now that year is over and the challenge completed, it’s interesting to analyze how that worked.

My best reading months were in the first quarter, then I was preoccupied with the coming of a new grandbaby in July and August. But, the cooler months of November and December were filled with more time to read – and to knock out the whole list of 50 books I read this year.

Have you enjoyed some good books this year? Were you like me, dragging a stack of forgotten titles off the shelves of what you already owned? Was there a favorite read of the year for you?

Drop a comment below to share. Also, if any of the 50 books I read this year look good to you, please email me and I’ll mail it to you! My email address is:

Encouraging a life filled with everyday intentional adventure and a good year of purging the bookshelves,

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  • Debbi Hutto

    A very old book that’s still one of my favorites: God’s Smuggler – about smuggling Bibles etc across the Iron Curtain. Also , Wish You Well y David Baldacci

    • Brenda McDearmon

      These are great recommendations, Debbi. I read God’s Smuggler years ago, but would like to read it again. And I’ve never read anything by David Baldacci, but I should. So, I’ll put these two on the list!