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How to Add More Adventure to Your Everyday Life – Follow Up On Tips

How to Add More Adventure to Your Everyday Life - Follow Up On Tips

One way to add more adventure to your everyday life is to follow up on tips from friends, family and even complete strangers. 😂

Why Add More Adventure?

Before you think about adding anything at all to your everyday life, let’s clear up why I believe you should.

We all need a steady dose of adventure, whether it’s thought-through and well-planned, or it just comes out of the blue, on a big ol’ Texas-sized whim.

Here’s why.

Having an intentionally adventurous mindset helps us focus on ourselves a little and on every other good thing in life a lot.

How to Add More Adventure

Here at Texas Over Fifty, I make it my business to find and enjoy some form of adventure every single day.

I keep a list (it’s looooong!) on my laptop, but I also make lots of notes in my iPhone.

When I’m out and about, I look for new restaurants.

If my hubby is at the wheel (he does most of the driving around here), I snap photos of billboards so I can Google more ideas when I get back home.

And I do lots of research online, looking for festivals, adventurous books, and theme-based ideas for adventure, like what to do on a girlfriends’ weekend and pick-your-own farms.

My Favorite Way

But, my favorite way to add more adventure to my everyday life is to follow up on tips!

When we made a midlife move to Austin, the capital city of Texas, we only knew of two things there were to do.

See the Texas State Capitol Building and — wait, I guess we really only knew of one thing to do in Austin. See the capitol building.

So I read blogs, which was informative, for sure. But it seemed like they were all written by someone 30 years younger with a wee bit narrower focus on life.

That’s when I started asking around.

At first, I felt a little funny about doing it.

But people were so nice! They were eager to share what they knew, and it seemed like they all wanted to know what else I had discovered.

So, I kept asking. I found myself posing the same question to lots and lots of different people.

What’s YOUR favorite thing to do around here?

How to Add More Adventure to Your Everyday Life - Ask This Question

Follow Up on Tips

I asked people in line behind me at the grocery store.

When I got on the elevator at work, I quizzed all the millennials carrying large iced coffees.

Every time I sat by someone I didn’t know at church (every.single.week!), this question served as a really nice icebreaker.

Truth is, following up on all the answers to my question turned out to be the best way for me to add more adventure to my everyday “new” life in Austin!

After we moved to Dallas a few years later, I kept asking the same question and getting the same results – LOTS of good tips!

Basically, this research method has yielded such great information, I have no plans to stop using it any time in the near future.

Your Turn

Most people, especially those of us Over Fifty, find it easy to get stuck in a rut and hard to try something new.

But, it’s trying new things that keeps us thinking with that adventurous mindset, right?

Now, it’s your turn.

When was the last time you asked a question like mine? Did you follow up on the tip you were given?

Share in the comments!

Encouraging intentional adventure,

Texas Over Fifty

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