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An Honest Review of Untuckit – Part 3 of 4 Great Places to Treat the Man in Your Life

 “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain

Idea #3 on my list of  great Austin places to treat the man in your life fits right in with the theme of the previous two. These ideas won’t break the bank, don’t require dressing up, and they won’t cause your man to feel fussed over too much. Manly men just don’t require a lot of fussing over.

In fact, They will usually appreciate any old crumbs you throw their way.

If you’ve already treated the man in your life to a hot, lathered straight-razor shave at Finley’s or a movie at Austin’s acclaimed Violet Crown, keep reading. I’ve got another tip to keep your creativity flowing.

Keep in mind that all of these ideas can be implemented for a dad, husband, brother or  son – and maybe even your brand new handsome son-in-law.

Treat the Man in Your Life to a Unique Shopping Experience at the Domain

Now, the sweet man who married me is a good shopper, but lucky for him, I’m just the kind of shopper he likes.  Easy in, easy out. No Black Friday marathons, no all-day garage sale gallavanting.

I like to buy what I’m looking for and not look for something to buy. He’s the same way.

Shopping at the Domain in Austin is just exactly our cup of tea. Plentiful covered parking, a centrally- located Starbucks and live music on the weekends make for an exceptional experience, each and every time.

Lately, we’ve been seeing billboards around town for a new store called Untuckit, and when the kids were here last weekend, they wanted to check it out. “At the Domain?” we asked. “We’re in!” we said.

Untuckit is a store which utilizes a new concept in men’s shirts and men’s shopping, and there are only 5 of these stores in the country. One is right here in our hill country neck of the woods.

Here’s how it works.

Enter, be greeted by a friendly face, pick out your spot on the cushy sofa or wingback chair, be offered a sample of high caliber whiskey or a cold water bottle, and get ready to enjoy. Nice music, too. 

Your man will pick out a fabric he likes, then the  salesperson will search the back room for two or theee different sizes of it. She does all the work!

One of the design features is the ability for the man to tuck his hands in his pockets without a lot of extra fabric bulking up around them.  
He’ll try on several sizes to see which works best for his shoulders and arm length. To the tall guy, these shirts may feel a little too short on the length. If  your man really likes it, he’ll have to get accustomed to how it sits at the hip line. Otherwise, he may feel like he always wants to tug on it a bit.

The shirt was a no-go. It didn’t feel quite right enough to justify the $100 price point. However, the price is in line with the quality of the shirt’s fabric content and long-lasting wearability.
There are some other cool items around the store to try, like this vest. Check to see if he wants to try on anything else or maybe pick out a colorful pair of socks before you go. 

Next, make your purchase, say goodbye to the really helpful staff, and leave happy.  Be sure to commemorate this shopping trip with a selfie outside the store.

Then smile when you receive the Snap Chat he sends to you and all his friends when he gets to work the next day.
Style is very personal.  It has nothing to do with fashion.  
Fashion is over quickly.  Style lasts forever.
– Ralph Lauren

Encouraging intentional adventure and a Sunday afternoon shopping experience, Domain-style,

PS – Both of my men thought this was a great concept, but both of them felt like these shirts would untuck better on guys who are under 6’1″.  They did, however, like the way the shirts were tapered through the body and hung well over the shoulders with generous arm length. Overall, they would recommend the store, the personnel, and, of course, the socks.

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