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Here are My Best Choices for Your Prime Big Day Deals! (Day 1 of 2)

Welcome, savvy shoppers, to the most anticipated retail extravaganza of this fall season! As the digital storefronts buzz with excitement and virtual shopping carts eagerly await their contents, it’s time to gear up for the Prime Big Deal Days! Over the next two days, we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of some of the most tantalizing deals and exclusive offers that the retail world has to offer. From fashion-forward finds to must-haves for your home, I’ve scoured the virtual aisles to bring you a curated selection that’s bound to make your shopping spree worthwhile.

Rhinestone Suede Sneakers

Sneakers are the new heels, right? I was on the elevator last week, headed to Women’s Bible Study at my church when I noticed a pair of super cute sneakers on the feet of the lady across from me. I’m not sure what brand they were or where she bought them, but they looked a whole lot like these! Prime Big Deal Day price = 20% off!

Best Prime Day Deals

True Classic Short Sleeved Solid Polo for Men

If you haven’t heard of True Classic’s brand, you might be living under a bit of a rock. Granted, most of their visibility is due to the undershirts that are taking our men’s world by storm, but they can achieve the same great fit when wearing this classic polo. I see a new shirt in my hubby’s future for sure!

Prime Big Day Deals

Yankee Candle – Cliffside Sunrise

The name of this candle makes me think about the beauty of a sunrise at Palo Duro Canyon State Park!

Best Prime Day Deals

Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

My oldest daughter told me about this amazingly useful little household tool. She used it on her sectional sofa and on some of her daughter’s sweaters with really great results!

Best Prime Day Deals

Pastel Sticky Notes Set

I don’t know about you, but I love all.things.paper. I saw a set like this at a big box store at a much higher price point. Glad I waited till I searched Amazon Big Prime Day Deals before I purchased! I can’t wait to start using mine. And they’re even designed in my favorite fall colors. Win/Win!

Best Prime Day Deals

Love & Lemons Cookbook

You may already know that I’ve been raving and raving and raving about my new plant-based eating plan. I’ve used several recipes from Love & Lemons, and now the cookbook is on sale! Plant yourself on the couch and start planning new menus for a new YOU, my friend. Seriously, these plant forward recipes are easy and delicious, and I’m feeling GREAT!

Prime Big Day Deals

Flameless Taper Candles With Remote Control

Flameless candles ain’t what they used to be, y’all. They’re gorgeous, stylish, and lend a safe air to the ambience in your home. Being able to control them from the couch is also a big plus.

Best Prime Day Deals

Button Down Flannel Shirt

Okay, stay with me while I explain why I chose this shirt to feature on my recommendations for Prime Big Day Deals. First, I do love flannel. Second – it’s finally feeling like fall around here, y’all. And third, I saw a cute outfit on a store mannequin that you can so copy with this shirt! (Keep scrolling for a pic of the outfit I saw in the store.)

Best Prime Day Deals

Winter A-Line Maxi Skirt

First, you buy the flannel shirt, then you buy the a-line skirt!

Prime Big Day Deals

Fall Themed Pumpkin T-Shirt

Next, you love the skirt so much, you buy a fall-themed t-shirt to go with it. Can I hear an amen?

Best Prime Day Deals
Best Prime Big Day Deals
(This is the outfit I saw on the store display. I think it would be cute to pair the skirt with a fall-themed t-shirt, too.)

4-Piece Patio Furniture Set

This is a great time to buy patio furniture, especially at a Prime Big Day price like this one!

Prime Big Day Deals

Acrylic Book Vase

Last, but not least on my Prime Big Deals list of ideas is this simply beautiful acrylic book vase. What a great gift for the booklovers in your family. And wow – it can be yours today at 46% off!

Best Prime Day Deals

More Prime Big Deals Tomorrow!

See you tomorrow right here at the same time, same place, when I’ll have Day Two’s list of My Choices for Your Best Prime Big Deals!

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