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Happy Thanksgiving and My Top 6 Black Friday Picks!

Happy Thanksgiving and My Top 6 Black Friday Picks!

As the aroma of roasting turkey fills the air and families gather around tables adorned with festive decorations, there’s a palpable sense of gratitude that marks the arrival of Thanksgiving. This holiday is a time to reflect on the blessings in our lives. It’s also a day to express gratitude for the warmth of companionship and the abundance of good fortune.

As we revel in the joyous spirit of Thanksgiving, another eagerly anticipated event is just around the corner—Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving has become synonymous with incredible deals, massive discounts, and a shopping frenzy that sets the tone for the holiday season.

In this blog post, we’re blending the spirit of gratitude from Thanksgiving with the excitement of Black Friday. Join me as we explore my Top 6 picks for picks for this year’s Black Friday deals. Each one is chosen to enhance your spirit of intentional adventure! Whether searching for something that gets you out of the kitchen quicker or a simple product to enhance your skin care routine, these deals are for you! Let’s make this season of thanksgiving a time to treat ourselves and our loved ones to some thoughtful gifts. So, grab a cozy blanket, a hot cup of cocoa, and dive into my Top 6 Black Friday picks!

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KitchenAid Mixer in (University of Texas) Orange

With a mixer like this one sitting on your kitchen counter, you’ll be the envy of every other Thanksgiving host you know. How does it make you more adventurous? Well, I mean, who can gaze at this beautiful shade of orange for a single minute and not want get a hankerin’ to head to Austin for a football game? Hook ’em, Horns!

My Top 6 Picks for Black Friday

Samsonite Expandable Luggage in (Texas A&M) Merlot

Speaking of Texas football, here’s a great Black Friday deal for every A&M Aggie on your list! WHOOP!

My Top 6 Black Friday Picks

Fuzzy Memory Slippers in (Texas Tech) Black

It wouldn’t be fair not to include a Black Friday deal for all my friends and family who fly the Red Raider flag, now, would it? All the Texas Tech fans in your family and mine are bound to love these memory foam slippers. Besides being easy to slip off when sitting on the couch in front of the TV, they’re comfortable for standing in the kitchen in front of the oven. Pre-game pigs in a blanket, anyone?

My Top 6 Black Friday Picks

Clip On Ring Light

Calling all grandparents of teenage girls! This ring light clips on at the top of your favorite teenager’s smart phone, making her Instagram photo shoots easier and more fun. Of course, you can go ahead and get one for your grandma-self as well. I am!

My Top 6 Black Friday Picks

Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper

If culinary pursuits are the name of your adventure game, give yourself one of these trending vegetable choppers. Less time chopping = more time sampling.

My Top 6 Black Friday Picks

LumiSpa iO by Nu Skin

Finding the right skin care products is always an adventure, right? This beauty device leads the pack, and it’s quite possibly my favorite Nu Skin product! At a Black Friday discount of over $80, this is the perfect time for you to give or get one. It comes in Rose Gold or Blue, and includes a cleanser for your skin type. Message me for your discount link to purchase. Hurry! Sale ends Monday, November 27, 2023 at midnight MST!

As we wrap up this Thanksgiving blog post filled with gratitude and warmth, I want to extend my heartfelt wishes to you and your loved ones for a joyous and blessed holiday season. When I reflect on my blessings, I think of you! And, of course, I hope you’ve had a day filled with love, laughter, and delicious food.

Remember to shop wisely, stay safe, and enjoy the thrill of finding great bargains. As we embark on this season of giving, let’s also cherish the moments spent with loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with gratitude, your Black Friday be full of fantastic finds, and your holiday season be wrapped in love and warmth. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping!

Encouraging a spirit of intentional adventure through the holidays and beyond,

Texas Over Fifty

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