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Grandkids Coming to Visit? Make it More Fun With a Theme!

Grandkids Coming for a Visit?

Grandkids Coming to Visit? 

Do your grandkids live in the same city and come over to your house for frequent sleepovers? Do they, instead, live far enough away that, when they come, they get to stay a whole week? Either way, having the grandkids under your roof (and squished up next to you in the bed!) is the, if you ask this Grammy. Here are 5 grand ideas and 50 fun suggestions to make the visit even more fun with a theme.
Your grandkids will enjoy the anticipation when you announce that this year’s visit will be centered around a main idea for fun. You can include them in the planning, or surprise them each day with something fun from your pre-conceived list. It’s ALL fun when the grandkids are IN.THE.HOUSE!
Each of these themes centers around Austin-based activities; however, similar ideas can easily be found in your location as well. All of the suggestions can quickly be tailored and tweaked for most any age child, and every theme includes a book idea. A book always solidifies a theme, so it’s a good gift to send home with your grandchild as a memoir of the fun you’ve had. (Do your own check of the book’s content to make sure your grandchild’s parents would approve.)

Sports Theme

Do your grandkids play sports, have a competitive nature, or just enjoy watching a good game? A sports-themed visit with their grandparents will make memories that last and last.

Grandkids coming to visit?

Photo – Austin Junior Golf Academy

Give-Back Theme

Do your grandkids love to do good for others? If so, how about a give-back theme for their visit?

Grandkids coming to visit?

Indoor Fun Theme

When it’s raining or just too hot, try passing the time with these fun ideas for indoor fun.
  • Play games at Main Event
  • Do you have a piano? Teach them to play, try purchasing a set of instructional DVDs like these (rave reviews), or use some online lessons like these.
  • Set up a round about game tournament using all the games in your stash. Award prizes!
  • Binge watch Disney movies – or watch a different one every night
  • Spend some time at the Thinkery
  • Help your grandchild learn how to make an entire dinner on their own – they can surprise the family with their skills when they get back home!
  • Work a big puzzle together and get it framed for a take-home keepsake. Here’s an Austin puzzle, and here’s a Longhorns puzzle to work together.
  • Do an at-home spa experience for your granddaughter. Remember when grandma let you lie on the counter while she washed your hair in the kitchen sink?
  • Go to a bargain movie every day, or splurge at the end of the week with reclining seats and first-class restaurant fare while you enjoy the film.
  • Download some of the same game apps they have on their iPads, and let them teach you how to play. We played a version of Charades with Kynzie on her last visit, using her iPad and our foreheads!
  • Book ideas: Read a classic like Old Yeller or Little House on the Prairie.

Grandkids Coming to Visit

History Theme

If you have a Texas history bent or a tweenage grandchild who’s intrigued with all things historical, you’re sure to have a great time together doing all the things on this list.

Grandkids Coming to Visit?

Try New Things Theme

Considering the fact that I LOVE intentional adventure in even the smallest things, this may be my favorite theme of all. It’s fun to try new things – but to try new things with your grandkids is w-a-y better!
  • Make something in the kitchen that can be your together-specialty, like cinnamon rolls – yum!
  • Have a skydiving experience at iFly
  • Pay a visit to Austin’s new store for all things Asian – H Mart
  • Zipline at Lake Travis
  • Get a new first-day-of-school outfit
  • Go on a segway tour (minimum age is 14)
  • Go to a familiar restaurant and order something you’ve never had there before
  • Take a lesson together at NLand Surf Park 
  • Prepare a list of Have-You-Ever’s and send it to your grandchildren in advance of their visit. Plan to do a few things they’ve never done. Examples: Have you ever taken a dance lesson? Have you ever seen the bats in Austin? Have you ever had a pedicure?
  • Pick a summer treat and do your own foodie tour; i.e., ice cream, gelato, smoothies or shaved ice
  • Book idea: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, or My Side of the Mountain
Grandkids Coming to Visit?

Photo – NLand Surf Park

Encouraging intentional adventure with the sweet young loves of your life – your beloved grandchildren,

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