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Fuel Your Soul Near Some Texas Water

Fuel Your Soul Near Some Texas Water

I always get my most creative ideas in the shower, and taking a bath in water filled with aromatic salt crystals sure seems to set me up for a restful night’s sleep. And having dinner on a patio overlooking a Texas lake will coax me into a state of relaxation that might last nigh unto two-point-five solid days.

Basically, getting near any body of Texas water goes a long way toward fueling my tired or weary soul.

Fuel Your Soul Near Some Texas Water

Texas Water is Calming

Experts say that for all of us, water has a very calming effect.

For Texans, whether it’s the sound of a stream trickling over smooth rocks along the Violet Crown Trail, the sight of ocean waves cresting over the Galveston shoreline, or the feel of the Frio River’s cold water on your toes, there’s something intensely nourishing about being near Texas water.

Fuel Your Soul Near Some Texas Water

Texas Water is Diverse

Did you know that Texas has over 7,000 lakes? Yep. And between the panhandle to the valley, there are 40 rivers working their way through Texas soil. In fact, according to The Texanist at Texas Monthly, “not counting its deserty western portion, Texas is pretty darn damp.”

So, if your soul is still feeling a little parched from the year gone by, or maybe your tank could merely use a top off, find a spot this week to fuel your soul near some good ol’ Texas water.

Fuel Your Soul Near Some Texas Water

Texas Water is Waiting

Is there a lake in your county that you’ve never seen before? Can you throw on a sweatshirt and take the grandkids for a water-scouting hike? How about planning a wintry weekend trip to the beach?

The options are endless, my friends. In fact, I bet you’ll have a well-formulated soul-fueling plan by the time the shampoo is rinsed out. All this beautiful Texas water is waiting just for you.

By the way, do you also do your best thinkin’ in the shower?

Encouraging a life filled with a spirit of intentional adventure,

Blogging to encourage intentional adventure!

PS: The trio of pictures for this post were taken on an early morning walk a couple of years ago with some girlfriends. We were on our yearly soul-fueling getaway, rented a house out in the country near Fredericksburg and ventured down the path together before our first cup of coffee.

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