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Four Books & Still Counting! The Ultimate Texas Bucket List for FALL is Now Published!

The Ultimate Texas Fall Bucket List

Need some adventure inspiration? Check out The Ultimate Texas Bucket List for FALL! Make sure you don’t pass up all Texas has to offer – during our very best weather of the year.

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The Ultimate Texas Fall Bucket List

Goodness, I loved writing this installment in my Ultimate Texas Bucket List series of books.

Every Texan loves the season of fall.

Or at least I think they do.

Either way, fall is definitely my favorite season of the year.

I just love adventuring all around the Lone Star State during September, October and November.

There’s so much to explore all year in Texas, but when the weather turns cooler, it’s plenty more enjoyable to do it.

Four Books and Counting! The Ultimate Texas Bucket List for FALL is Now Published!

25 Items on The Ultimate Texas Fall Bucket List

From visiting the Pumpkin Capital of the U.S.A. (did you know that’s in Texas?) to spending Thanksgiving at the quintessentially western Gage Hotel in Marathon, the items on this list are sure to spur you on to some great adventures.

And, I know you’re probably wondering which one is my favorite.

Believe me, I’ve tried to answer that question for myself. But I just can’t choose.

It’s too hard.

Because every single item on this Bucket List qualifies as a unique and memorable experience.

More Adventures to Come

The Fall Bucket List is the third one to be written in this series.

I wrote the Summer volume first, then moved on to the Spring version, before writing The Ultimate Texas Fall Bucket List over the course of the last few months.

But never fear – The Ultimate Texas WINTER Bucket List is in the works!

Can You Guess?

Can you guess what might be included in the Winter Bucket List?

Feel free to email me at if you think you might be able to read my adventurous mind.

In the meantime, be sure to order your copy of The Ultimate Texas Fall Bucket List.

It’s available in both ebook and paperback versions.

I sure would love to hear about your adventures.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

It’s been a hot summer here in Texas, hasn’t it?

But the changing of the season is now occurring right under our noses.

(Which reminds me of #7 – Stop and Smell the Roses in Tyler!)

So, let’s celebrate.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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