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Father’s Day Menu

Father's Day Menu

The Plan

Here’s the thing.  Overfiftyers are free in so many ways.  Free to stay home for dinner every night if they want to, and free to go out if they don’t.  Granted, eating out for two is way cheaper than taking a family of five. However, it is still more expensive to eat out, even for the two of us, so we eat at home a lot…but we keep it a little simpler. Before we get to the Father’s Day Menu itself, let’s chat about the Over Fifty kitchen in general.

The Rotation

Breakfast for supper is on the rotation at least once a week.  Sometimes we spice things up by drinking wine with our scrambled eggs.  (Is that ok to do??)  If we both work together in the kitchen, we can have breakfast-for-dinner ready to eat in about 15 minutes.  What a deal.

The Technique

This year, it might have been easier to treat my hubby to Father’s Day lunch/brunch at one of the many fantastic restaurants in Austin, but I decided he would probably like a great meal cooked at home even better.  Something simple, something delicious.  Yep, that’s what he likes.  So we went to Sam’s Club and picked up a package of three super nice ribeyes for less than $30.  I wrapped one for the freezer and will use it next week when Aly’s Steak Salad rotates into the weekly menu plan.  For the other two steaks, I wanted to try a restaurant style technique.
Since our number one son is home from college for the summer, he was pretty willing to pitch in and learn how to make a great steak dinner that he can recreate in his apartment this fall.  Every guy needs to know how to cook a steak, right? Or how to cook a steak right.  Mike and I have tried to grill the perfect steak many times, but we just haven’t achieved it.
So, while grilling a steak would be preferable for some, the best steaks I’ve ever had have been in a restaurant.  Hence, trying it at home.  Here’s the recipe we landed on, and it was delicious!  We used a cast iron skillet to take the steaks from stove-top to oven, where we finished these remarkable ribeyes for seven minutes, which made them just perfect for the three of us, because we all like our steaks cooked medium well.  Beware of step one: searing the steaks in a hot skillet with smoking oil.  Even your 20 year-old needs some guidance here if he’s never lowered anything into hot oil.  Nobody wants to learn that lesson the hard way.

The Sides

We also had baked potatoes with Kerrygold butter, sour cream and grated cheese, and a nice salad with homemade ranch dressing.  I forgot to take the rolls out of the freezer to rise, but we really didn’t need them anyway.

Fathers Day Menu

This is not a great photo! I was so ready to dig in, I could barely stage the plate!

The Wine

We “paired” this dynamic steak and potatoes lunch with a wine we found at H-E-B that just sounded good.  It was great – bold enough to stand up to the beef, but really smooth, and not too much fruity taste.

Father's Day Menu

The Dessert

Considering the fact that no Father’s Day menu should be without dessert, and considering the fact that I still haven’t mastered the perfect chocolate pie, I opted for this no-fail, always delightful Chocolate Delight.

Father's Day Menu

The Raves

The father in the house was so happy!
What was on your Father’s Day menu?  Did you cook or eat out? I’d love to hear!
Encouraging intentional adventure with the amazing dads in your life,

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