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Father’s Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads

Well, here it is.

This is the first Father’s Day of my whole entire life that I haven’t needed to purchase a gift for my Dad.

My biological dad passed away about 10 years ago.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads
My Biological Dad – John Henry

And my stepdad passed away last year.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads
My Stepdad – Kyle Farmer

Both of these important men in my life had at least one thing in common.

They enjoyed a great Father’s Day lunch after church, and each one had an all time favorite dessert.

One was crazy about Boston Cream Pie, and the other maiintaiined a strong hankering for a tall piece of pie packed full of thinly sliced green apples.

When I asked them what they wanted every year for an actual Father’s Day gift, it was usually liike pulling their false teeth to get a definiitive response.

“Awww, don’t get me nothin’,” pleaded Dad 2.

“I really don’t need a thing,” echoed Dad 1.

“Just cook my favorite dessert,” begged both.

No doubt about it. This Father’s Day will be different for me – a daughter of two wonderful dads.

Experiences and Do-Dads

BUT – I love to buy something manly for the father of my children, who is still here and most definitely still kickin’.

So, let’s run through a list of ten really great Father’s Day gifts for the dads in your life, okay?

A few fall into the category of “experience”, while others are more of a traditional gift.

You guys know I love intentional adventures and certainly enjoy giving them as gifts, but some of your guys are Do-Dads and might prefer something they can use around the house.

Then again, using a new power tool can be an adventure in and of itself, if you ask me. (Tip: Stay close. He might need supervision!)

Let me know what you think of this year’s lineup of Father’s Day Gifts for the Dads. And if you need more inspiration, here’s another list of ideas.

Also feel free to comment with your own suggestions. I’d love to know what you’re giving this year for Father’s Day.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads
My Kids’ Dad – Mike McDearmon

10 Great Father’s Day Gifts for the Dads

A Butcher Box Order

Men who love to cook would really enjoy a subscription to Butcher Box. High-quality meats delivered on a regular schedule right to your front door? Yeah. I think that might make the grill guy very happy indeed.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Photo @butcherbox on Instagram

A Subscription to a Digital Magazine or Newspaper

My stepdad read the Amarillo Globe-News every night when he got home from work. Cover to cover. Funnies and everything. But the dads of today are more digitized than they are paper-friendly when it comes to reading the news. What’s nice about an online magazine or newspaper subscription is that the dad in your life can read it on his Kindle app, a few minutes here and there. My husband loves reading the Wall Street Journal on his iPad while we enjoy our morning coffee together outside on the balcony at our apartment.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Texas Highways Magazine – easy to download the app and read digital-style

A Big Honkin’ Power Tool

This drill gets great reviews on Amazon. Purchasers use words like “versatile” and “great tool for odd jobs in the shop.” If one of the dads in your life needs a big honkin’ power tool that’s smaller than a lawnmower, maybe this is the one.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Bosch Connected-Ready Drill Driver

A Trip on the Vonlane

If you ever took the bus to Grandma’s house, you owe it to yourself to ride the Vonlane today. Getting from one large Texas city to another has never been easier. Pay for your dad to come visit you, or make a day of going to visit him. Vonlane provides Wi-Fi, so you can even work on the road. Riding the Vonlane is a treat!

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Vonlane Bus – Such Comfortable Travel

A Day on the Water

Is there anything more relaxing than being on the water? Any dad would appreciate a day at the lake with his kids. You don’t even need to own your own boat. Rentals are everywhere. Pack a picnic, take a cooler full of drinks, and relax with that special dad in your life. What a great Father’s Day gift.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Lake Conroe Boat Rentals

A Cool Summer Hat

Does the dad in your life enjoy working in the yard? Perhaps he likes taking a long hike every morning on a nearby trail? Great. Because, now you know exactly what to give him for Father’s Day – a cool summer mesh hat. Find the one pictured below right here.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat

A MasterClass Gift Pass

Out of 11 MasterClass categories, there are many individual series of informative classes from which to choose. On a trip from Dallas to Big Bend National Park, my husband and I heard the entire series on negiating by Chris Voss, former chief hostage negotiator for the FBI. It was a long road trip, made much shorter as we listened to this interesting topic delivered by a fascinating expert. If a dad in your life would enjoy something like that, click here to sign him up for a year of MasterClass.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
MasterClass – Chris Voss

A Colsen Tabletop Fire Pit

This fire pit is easy to light, easy to extinguish, and is fueled by odorless rubbing alcohol. The opportunities for enjoying it are endless.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Tabletop Rectangular Fire Pit

A Yeti Travel Mug

Is the dad in your life heading back to the office after months of working at home? Send him off with a new Yeti mug. He can drink coffee on the commute, or keep a mug full of oatmeal warm to enjoy at his desk when he arrives. There, there. Maybe this mug will be a nice distraction from the traffic.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Yeti Rambler Mug in Handsome Clay Color

A Tube of Fancy Toothpicks

I didn’t even know these fancy toothpics existed until our son-in-law told us they were a thing. Now, I think they might be the truest mark of a classy man! I mean, a guy who pulls a tube of these bourbon-flavored tothpicks out of his pocket and offers them to his fellow diners? Classy. Definitely classy. The dads in your life will thank you for helping them up their toothpick game.

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life
Daneson Bourbon Flavored Toothpicks

Celebrating a New Dad This Year

I sure do miss my two dads. They were both such blessings in my life, although in very different ways.

But, before I go getting too melancholy in my thoughts, I’m thrilled to remind myself that this Father’s Day will be different for another life-altering reason.

Our super-special SIL has joined the ranks after becoming Daddy to our first grandson!!

Zippity do-dah!

I say that deserves a gift AND a favorite dessert, don’t you?

Father's Day Gifts for the Dads
The Newest Dad in the Family – Nick O-Neal and Shepherd Lynn O’Neal (10 months old)

Are you like me and have more than one special Dad? If so, I understand that Father’s Day can be one of those difficult occasions to manage.

When we were celebrating with one of my two dads, I felt like the other one was getting slighted. If we chose to be my family, I worried that my father-in-law might spend the day extra-lonely.

If I had it to do over again, I would have been more diligent about rotating our visits. They all deserved to have some undivided attention on Father’s Day.

And of course, their favorite dessert.

Encouraging intentional adventure,

Blogging to encourage intentional adventure!

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