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Great Places to Snap Some Fall Scenery Around Austin

Listed as America’s top state for business, Texas ranks high in categories that make this a great place to live and do business. One such qualifying criteria for our high marks measures quality of life. Truthfully, we do have an exceptional quality of life here in the Lone Star State, don’t we, pardners? Nowhere can you find any more fantastic food, amazing entertainers (George Strait!), captivating culture nor satisfying scenery. Speaking of scenery, here’s just a smidgen of exceptional places to snap yourself some fall scenery around Austin. But, always remember this, my dear Over Fifty friends: There are miles and miles of Texas yet to see. (A click on any of the headers will take you to websites with more info.)

The Trail Around Lady Bird Lake

Just a few steps into it and you’ll be well-able to understand why there are over 2.6 million visits to this scenic trail every single year. This bridge is on the far west portion, and if you’re an enthusiastic walker, it will still take a while to get to it, depending upon where you start. It’s gorgeous any time of year, but especially under the crispy leaves that fall from the trees in autumn-time.

Sculpture Falls on the Greenbelt

Having this kind of urban scenery is pretty amazing, and Austinites make good use of it. There are 12 miles of trail on the Greenbelt, where you can see waterfalls, do a little rock climbing, or just ride a bike the whole way through. The main entrance is on Hwy 360, but there are other places to jump onto the trail and have yourself a wonderful day of adventure. It gets more crowded in the warm afternoons, so if you really want to be a introverted explorer, get yourself a headlamp and go before dawn.

The Arc de Texas

For some sweeping scenic hill country views, stop in at the Arc de Texas on your next day trip. We had passed it by on many occasions, until one day, the promotional billboard-type sign got the better of our curiousity. Once we drove up, up, up the narrow road to the Arc, we found ourselves in an interesting spot that felt like the “find” of an explorer who got off the beaten path. Check it out for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean.

Urban Sidewalks

Here in the heart of Austin, fall scenery can also be found in smaller doses along the urban sidewalks where tourists walk. I vividly remember the color of the leaves on this tree that captured my attention on one of our first days as downtown residents. There seemed to be such a lesson in the moment, reminding me to look up, notice my surroundings, and remember that, in the midst of man’s accomplishments, the things that God created are the most incredible. Also, that Road Closed sign in the background? Another surface visual that invokes deeper thoughts … but we’ll stick to the scenery for now.

Waller Creek

Plans are in the works to restore 37 acres along Waller Creek into a scenic spot with new hike and bike trails, art projects and more. For now, there are bridges that cross it and points for pretty photos. It’s hard to see just how large this tree trunk is without an actual person standing beside it, but it’s huge, and the creek is especially picturesque when the water is running high.

Krause Springs

Even on a late November afternoon, the scenery at Krause Springs is still breathtaking. Pack a picnic and head out to this relaxing hill country gem where the tree roots weave above-ground, and the branches tower overhead. At this time of year, you might get especially lucky and have the place to yourselves for a while.

The Backroads

If there’s anything that brings out the adventurous in the apathetic, it’s a Texas hill country day trip. During the fall, an afternoon spent on the backroads  is enough to rejuvenate the saltiest of souls  Rugged landscapes set against architectural marvels – in many ways, these are what draw so many to visit and relocate to the great state of Texas.

Historic Homesites

Speaking of the backroads, searching for fall scenery  around Austin will also take you past historic homesites by the hundreds. So; if you enjoy letting your mind wander back in time, you’ll enjoy imagining what life was like for the original inhabitants of houses like this one.

Sea of Burnt Orange

If your idea of October scenery involves puffy clouds and screaming fans, you’ve come to the right place. Burnt orange is the color of fall in Austin, my friends, and it’s a beautiful sight to see. Hook ‘em, Horns!

Fall Scenery Around Austin

Truly, this is such a small smidgen of the options for fall scenery around Austin, but maybe it’s enough to encourage some exploring of your own. Let me know what you find!

Of course, you’ll need some good music for the drive, so here’s a great little tune to play when you’re out and about.  It’s from a live performance right here in Austin by Asleep at the Wheel.

Encouraging intentional adventure in the beautiful scenery of fall,


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