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Cool Summer Desserts We Texans Love to Eat

It’s No Secret

We Texans love to eat.
And, my goodness, why wouldn’t we?
With such a rich heritage of all kinds of wonderful foods across the miles and miles of the Lone Star State, our choices are endless, and our taste buds have grown accustomed.
When it comes to dessert, however, even with all the possibilities, there are just some desserts upon which we all stake our claim of affection, especially the cool and creamy treats of summer.

Cool Summer Desserts We Texans Love to Eat

Recently, a friend was visiting from Taiwan.
When I brought out a plate of after-dinner cookies, he asked, “Is it customary for Americans to eat dessert after every meal?”
Oh, my. Put us in our place with that little well-worded question, didn’t he?
Then I explained.
I can’t speak for all Americans, I said, but Texans are foodies, and we have a lot of favorite desserts to share with our guests. Especially during the summer.
That’s the time we love to invite friends over for potluck barbecue get-togethers, swim parties, movies shown on a sheet, and low-key (or big whopper) summer birthday celebrations.
Here are a few cool summer desserts we Texans love to eat, whether company’s coming or not.

Easy Four-Layer Chocolate Dessert

Is there anybody out there, from Booker to Marfa, who doesn’t love a cool creamy chocolate layered dessert?
I’m not sure this one originated in Texas, but I do remember the first time I had it.
My college roommate, Karen, was always cooking up something yummy in the kitchen of our little apartment, and when she whipped up this one (boys were coming over!), she called it Chocolate Gook.
Taste of Home calls it something different, but the melt-in-your-Texas-mouth yumminess is the same.
When was the last time you were tempted with this tantalizing taste of summer, my Over Fifty friends?

Photo – Taste of Home

For the recipe, click here.

Peach Ice Cream

We’ll be in Galveston this weekend for an extended family gathering, and I know for a fact that my brother will be making us a big freezer of peach ice cream.
Goodness, I can hardly wait.
First of all, my brother is a GREAT cook. Everything he makes is so delicious. And his wife makes homemade bread, for crying out loud. You can only go to their house for dinner like once a year. The rest of the year, you gotta work it off.
Second, who doesn’t love peaches? Every Texan knows where to find ’em, too. Fredericksburg, my friends. Fredericksburg. We Texans will caravan together, send money with friends, or buy peaches by the bushel from our local FFA fundraisers, but we HAVE to HAVE our summer peaches from Fredericksburg.
Third, peach ice cream is a little taste of summer heaven. In fact, I bet all of our grandparents are enjoying a big scoop of it right now, sitting in their lawn chairs, watching a holy parade up there on the streets of glory.
Lastly, summer isn’t summer around here without peaches and ice cream, or a combination of both, so you know what that means.
Better get some, y’all.

Photo – Jody Horton for Texas Monthly

For the recipe, click here.

Tres Leches Cake

I never heard of tres leches cake until I was all grown up, and then I wondered why we never had it for Sunday dinner or saw it at the cafeteria either.
I still don’t know, but I’ve stopped pondering that mystery and just started eating it. Without analysis.
Well, there’s some analyzing, though, because who can take a bite and not wonder things like, “What the heck is in this luscious concoction?”
My favorite restaurant tres leches (so far) is the generous slice on a plate at El Tiempo in Houston. My second choice is the strawberry topped version at Tacos Garcia in Amarillo. However, I’ve heard about the tres leches at Mi Tierra in San Antonio, and I’m just mad as all get-out that I never tried it at Fonda San Miguel when we lived in Austin.
Oh, well, in the meantime, I’ll be making Ina Garten’s rendition of this Texas favorite in a few days.
We’ll be eating it only one night after we gulp down my brother’s peach ice cream.
Told ya.
Texans love summer desserts.

Photo – Food Network

For the recipe, click here.

Classic Coke Floats 

Of all the memories of childhood in Texas, this one is a definite stand-out.
If you spent any time at your Mamaw’s house during the summer, a classic Coke float was almost sure to be part of the experience. Or at least it was at my Mamaw’s.
There are no real rules, no die-hard recipes for this Texas summer favorite. However, the fizz and the froth of a good Coke float can sometimes be a work of art. Sprinkles may be added, and other, even orange, sodas can be substituted for the dark, syrupy color of the cola.
I’ve never really seen a float that turned into a fiasco.
Have you?

Photo – Beyond the Flavor

For some history on this Texas summer favorite, click here, and for a Kevin Bacon’s Bacon Ice Cream and Coke Float recipe (say WHAT?), click here.

Blue Bell Ice Cream 

We Texans are so proud of our Blue Bell.
The creamery itself is located in Brenham, one of Texas’ most lovely small towns to visit. But the ice cream itself can be found in half-gallon tubs, squeezed tight into ice cream sandwiches, or stuck on a stick and dipped in chocolate.
Blue Bell of any kind, presented by itself or on top of your favorite brownie, is just all kinds of delicious.
And if you go to Brenham for barbecue? Try to save a little room for a Blue Bell frozen treat.
You can do it.

Photo – Blue Bell

For more of everything Blue Bell, click here.

Pound Cake Every Which – a – Way

I just love a good pound cake, do you?
But I think summertime pound cakes are the absolute best. Top off a slice of buttery goodness with sweetened sliced strawberries picked at a Texas berry farm, and special becomes extra-special.
Yep, pound cake is near and dear to the heart of every Texan, and we love it every which – a – way.
I think I might be fixin’ to make one next week.

Celebrate National Pound Cake Day with a Prize-Winning Recipe

For my very favorite recipe, click here.

More Favorites?

What about you?
Which of these is your favorite? Do you have one to share that I’ve forgotten about?
Encouraging everyday intentional adventure, and, of course, a few cool summer desserts along the way,

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