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There’s No Coffee in the Bible, but There’s Plenty of It at Church (Announcing my First Giveaway!)

coffee mug

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 

There’s no coffee in the Bible.
Besides water and wine, I have no idea what the women served their guests to drink.  But I do know this:

While coffee is nowhere to be found in the Bible, there’s plenty of it at church.

smiley face

I don’t know what it is about coffee at church, but I think I listen better when I have a cup in my hand.  I really do. Like Beth Moore, I dearly love the rustling sound of Bible pages turning, while sipping a good cup of coffee…
Every good Baptist Sunday School class has a coffee maker and a designated saint who gets there early to perk it.  There will be a very nice reserved section of heaven for those people, and my mom will be one of them.
Once, when Mike and I were going through a really difficult time in our life, we went to our own church on Sunday, but we also went to another church on Saturday night.  That, right there, is some serious needing to hear from the Lord, and we seriously needed to hear from Him.
Anyway, the Saturday night church had a beautiful coffee shop.  We went a little early, purchased our mochas, found a seat and listened.
Here in Austin, every church we visited had a nice spot to mingle and get a cup of coffee.  At Riverbend, it’s the same.  I just love drinking coffee at church.
I love coffee, period.
So, National Coffee Day is September 29, 2016 and…

I want to give away some Austin coffee!!!

Just share any post from my blog on your own Facebook page, and you’ll be entered to win! Comment here to let me know you’ve shared, or let me know on my Facebook page.  (Deadline to post: September 28, 2016)
My favorite coffee is Starbucks; however, 0ur barista son, who spent his summer working here, thinks that my favoring a national chain’s coffee is very narrow minded, so I’m going to search for a new favorite!  I’ll post my finds on National Coffee Day and announce the winner of my very first giveaway!
The giveaway could look something like this:


and it may come from here:

houndstooth interior

or here:


and might include something like this:


Whether we eat or drink (coffee) or whatever we do, may we do it all for the glory of God.
And if you listen better with a cup of coffee in your hand like I do, grab a cup at church, find your spot, sing the songs and slightly turn your ear upward.  You’re about to hear from the Lord.
Encouraging everyday intentional adventure through the pages of God’s word, with a cup of coffee in your hand,

PS – Remember, just share any of my posts on your own Facebook page between now and September 28, 2016, and you’ll be entered to win a gift of Austin coffee.  smiley face


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  • Candy Benoit

    Oh I shared – I am not old enough for coffee but my husband loves it and I drink hot chocolate!!!!

  • Angie davis

    I shared…. LOVE me some coffee.. Something about studying the Word while sipping your fav flavor.

  • Christi Beth Fisher

    I’m sharing! I love to get packages in the mail!❤️

  • Mark

    I posted. Does it apply to internationally?