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Coffee and Dessert at Cipollina (a West Austin bistro)

I haven’t yet reached the place in blogging where people pay you to write nice things about them.  However, I’ve already decided what I will say when that time comes.

I will only write about you if I can say nice things. 

Especially when it comes to restaurants, I know that people work hard for their money, so I just don’t want to call attention to any of them in a negative way.  We can leave that to the health department.

If you see it on my blog, you’ll know it was good. Even if they pay me to say it. 

Now that we have that out of the way, I simply must tell you about last night’s dessert and coffee at a really great restaurant in West Austin.

Cipollina was quite good. 


I didn’t find this one.  Our friends found it.  We’ve learned to trust their “nose” ever since they found the best flan in all of Austin.

Feel:  Neighborhood comfortable
Service: Not too much, not too little
Food and Wine:  Delectable
Dessert and Coffee: Memorable

If you ask me what is my favorite dessert, I’ll pretty much always say, “Creme brulee.”  (Unless I say, “Bread pudding!”)

If you ask me if I want dessert, I’ll usually say, “No, thank you.” 
But I pretty much always want to say, “Is the Pope Catholic?”  
 (Does anyone even say that anymore? I bet my kids will read this and think, why is Mom talking about the Pope?)

Anyway, last night we were still celebrating my sweet man’s birthday, so we all shared dessert.  Our friends got the panna cotta.  We got the creme brulee. Because even though it was his birthday dinner, he acted like he wanted the creme brulee. He always does that. 


It was so good.  I’ve had creme brulee many times in my long-legged life, and I’ve liked them all.  One I had in Dallas is really the only one I vividly remember.

Until now. 

It was creamy and perfect. Big enough to share. Paired expertly with our cups of decaf Americano.  I really wish you could have been there, but since you weren’t, put it on your list.  You know it will be good, because you heard if from me. 

And you simply won’t hear about it from me unless it’s delicious.

Encouraging intentional adventure, and your favorite dessert every once in a while,

PS – What’s your favorite? Have you had a memorable creme brulee? Please comment – I’m sure I’ll want to try it!

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