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Why I Wish I Could Have Known Lady Bird Johnson

On a visit to the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, I expected to learn a lot about Lyndon Baines Johnson and the time he spent as President of the United States. Which I did. There were so many tidbits of history I had never known before. As we meandered through the exhibits, I pondered how truly difficult was the time in our nation's history when this man was called upon to lead us. I found myself wishing I had asked my parents more about how it had impacted them to live through it. In addition, our time at the library made me

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Things I’m Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Things I'm Glad I Did During the Coronavirus Quarantine Just like you and everyone else I know, the global pandemic we've experienced has been a crazy time in history and a strange time in life. Because of one tiny, microscopic, particle, our whole world has been shut down, locked down and set into isolation mode. Other pandemics have occurred, just not in my lifetime or yours. It's been big, bad, and all kinds of ugly, my friends. However, if we've looked for it, it's been easy to find some good that has come along with it. The

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Valentine’s Day in Texas: 5 Special Ways to Celebrate

Valentine's Day in Texas  Texans are known for doing things up big. In fact, even if we're low key about something, we know in our hearts that we can always ramp it up a notch. Or two or three. Valentine's Day in Texas can be a huge celebration, blowing out all the stops, as they say. But it can also be a quiet, romantic occasion, with less fanfare. Either way, Texans have big hearts, and we are known for spreading the love. Here are 5 special ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in Texas. Tip Your Hat Take your favorite Valentine

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The Only Resolution I’ve Ever Fully Kept

The Only Resolution I've Ever Fully Kept Here we are, almost a full month into the new year! Have you made some resolutions? Did you spend some time formulating the goals you want to reach in the coming months? Me, too. However, while most of the bullet-pointed items never come to fruition, one thing I resolved has really stuck. Here's the story behind the only resolution I've ever fully kept.

Water Hoses and Western Wear When I began dating a boy in high school whose dad farmed a little, I bought a pair of

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Tips for Decluttering Cards and Letters

Note: This post was first written when we lived in Austin and had just moved to a downtown apartment. I've recently updated it with some new content after I revisited the subject of decluttering cards and letters.

The Number One Comment The number one comment I hear when we tell people we've moved downtown goes something like this. "We could never do that - we have waaaaaaaayyyy too much stuff." I thought the same thing. Until we did it.

It's a Transitional Process For us, moving downtown was a

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5 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

[caption id="attachment_29810" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Photo - The King Center[/caption] Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I remember a few discussions with my parents about separate water fountains and signs that directed white people to go one way and black people to go another. Their words made me think of a black girl on our high school basketball team who had the admiration of everyone in the school. I thought of her as a star student in every way, and if I had gone to another place to get a drink of

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Word of the Year Ideas for 2020

Not too long ago, I had lunch with a super savvy young woman. Over a delicious salad made with slices of ripened pear and spicy arugula, I asked my new friend if she had ever heard of a focus-enhancing habit called Word of the Year. Turns out, she was way more than aware of it, and I couldn't wait to hear more.

Word of the Year Ideas for 2020 Since 1990, the American Dialect Society has been gathering once a year to vote on list of words (or phrases) that became commonplace in their usage during the

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#1 of Top 10 2019 – Looked Into the Future

Happy New Year, my friends! Welcome to the tenth installment of my favorite posts to write this year! This is #1 of Top 10 2019! I’ve really poured my heart out in this list of my favorite experiences of the past year, and while I'm a little sad that this is it until next year, I'm also having some other pretty good "feels." Do you journal? Well, the experts say there are lots of benefits in writing stuff down. From better mental health to unlocking right brain creativity, they say it's good for us to journal. Interestingly,

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#2 of Top 10 2019 – He Took Good Care of My Baby

Happy New Year, my friends! Welcome to the ninth installment of my favorite posts to write this year! My list of Top 10 2019! I’ve really immersed my whole self into these posts, and I’m now feeling quite sad that this is #2 of Top 10 2019. That means there’s only one left to go! What an adventurous year it's been here at Texas Over Fifty. I love looking back over all the photos on my phone. There are so many! Some of my favorites are the pictures of first-time experiences, and I be sharing a whole list of those with you

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Thanksgiving on Galveston Island – #4 Top Ten 2019

Happy New Year, my friends! Welcome to the seventh installment of my favorite posts to write this year! My list of Top 10 2019! It's been an action-packed, adventure-filled year here at Texas Over Fifty. I think I’ll write another post soon – All the Things I Did for the First Time in 2019. There were plenty of those, and lots of other things that were fun the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time, too. If you’ve spent much time at all here at Texas Over Fifty, you know I'm all about being intentionally adventurous. Thinking of ourselves a

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