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All This and More Can Be Yours at Buc-ee’s

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If it’s really true that everything is bigger in Texas, Buc-ee’s is one place that proves it. 

With its Beaver-beholden label on loads of signature snacks, Buc-ee’s is drawing roadsters in for their roadies like nobody’s business.
(Taffy is one of Buc-ee’s bestsellers.)

If you forgot to bring a nice piece of jewelry home from your business trip to Houston, just stop for a bag of these Beaver Nuggets or Buc-ee’s Nug-ees for your sweetie.
There’s a chance she’ll be just as happy.

But, hold it, first stop – restrooms! Buc-ee’s is K-N-O-W-N for the cleanest road trip restrooms you’ll encounter.
There are a jillion stalls, and every door has a clearly visible green Vacant or Occupied sign.
Everything is clean, too.
Like, seriously, these restrooms are fit for a roadie queen or king. 

Image result for buc ee's road signs

When I was about 8 years old, I remember my mom and grandmother driving my brother and me to visit some family in another part of Texas. It seems like it took all day long to get there, and our snacks had to last the whole way.

Mamaw let us get an Icee when we gassed up on the east side of Amarillo, and I made that thing last till Wichita Falls. It had melted into hot Coke (no air conditioning), but there were still a few sips to go.

If there had only been a Buc-ee’s…..

I would have begged my mom for some of this Trail Mix …

Or a kolache …

Or these Cherry Sours!
(Another Buc-ee’s bestseller.)

Don’t worry about making your Icee last the whole trip. There could be another Buc-ee’s before you get all the way home. 

Unless, of course, you’re crossing the state line. 
Oh, well, maybe someday Buc-ee’s 25 locations will become as plentiful as bags of Beaver Nuggets on a shelf. 


There are gifts and souvenirs galore in every Buc-ee’s roadside store.

And plenty of gas pumps. 

Wherever you’re headed today or this weekend, if by road is how you’re getting there, I hope you have an Icee in the cupholder and a fun roadie snack to go with it. 
Now, if there were only a roadside Book-ee’s.

Encouraging intentional adventure with an Icee in an air-conditioned car, headed down a Texas road to wherever,

PS – What are your favorite roadie snacks?

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