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Books to Inspire You to Write Your Own Memoir

The Big Hunker Down

7 Take-Cover Strategies to Weather the Storm of Job Loss and Keep Your Destiny out of the Bar Ditch

Have you ever had to take cover in a closet or navigate a car down a rain-drenched highway during a thunderstorm? If so, you know the fear and even the nervous excitement that accompany both situations. A job change can evoke similar intense emotions, even demanding some of the same survivalist measures to get through it. We know the storm won’t last forever, but we still have to gather provisions, make a plan, and say our prayers.

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The Ultimate Texas Spring Bucket List

25 Fun Things To Do Before It Gets Really Hot!

No one can ever see all of the Lone Star State in one lifetime. Even in a healthy span of 100 years, the most avid explorer would have trouble covering a state as B-I-G as Texas.

But with the help of the little book you now hold in your hand, 25 bucket-list adventures can be checked off your list in the space of one beautiful Texas springtime season.

So, what do you say? Let’s head ’em up and move ’em out … before it gets too hot!

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The Ultimate Texas Summer Bucket List

25 Fun Things to Do Even if You’re Over 50 and Have Bad Knees

Well, no one can see all of the Lone Star State … ever. Even if you live to the ripe old age of 92, it would be pretty difficult. Texas is just so b-i-g.

But in the space of one hot Texas summer, you can definitely check these 25 awesome experiences off your big ol’ bucket list.

So, go for it. Grab your calendar and start planning. These adventures are worth the drive – or the walk.

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The Ultimate Texas Fall Bucket List

25 Fabulous Things to Do During Texas’ Best Weather of the Year!

From the Hill Country to the High Plains, from the Gulf Coast to Caddo Lake, you won’t find a better time of year than FALL to explore the great state of Texas.

Once you’ve checked off every item in this bucket list, you will have experienced 25 of Texas’ best fall adventures. These are places where nature meets nurture, where prairie meets progress, and where every visitor leaves wanting more.

So, let’s hit the trail… ‘cuz it’s FALL in Texas, y’all!

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The Ultimate Texas Winter Bucket List

25 of Texas’ Best Indoor and Outdoor Winter Activities

Texans love to joke about the weather. We’ve learned to adapt, finding humor in whatever the wind brings. When it comes to winter in Texas, however, the seasonal change in climate makes some adventures a lot more fun.

This book contains a bucket list of 25 best indoor and outdoor things to do during a Texas winter, no matter what the forecast holds. But don’t be slow about making your plans, because these cooler temperatures won’t last long!

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