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5 Great Books for Moms

Books for Moms

Moms love books and books love moms. If your mom is like most, she’s always got a list or a stack of what she wants to read soon or next summer. She discusses new reads with her friends and thinks about re-reading treasured favorites. In corners on shelves, in boxes in the attic, between the canisters on her kitchen counter, and in baskets beside her favorite chair, moms have lovingly placed their books.

Is there a day that goes by when a mom doesn’t touch a book? 

There might be a day or two go by when we moms don’t lay our hands on a book, but if there are very many in a row, we can get all kinds of cranky. We just need to read.  
As a young mom, I struggled to find time to read. Those were busy days, hours and minutes, and it seemed, well, a little selfish to put my nose in a book, unless, maybe, everything was done. In fact, reading seemed like a great reward to be enjoyed mostly when the laundry was done, the kids were snoozily napping, and dinner was simmering in the slow cooker!

Give a mom a book and you’ve given her the gift of love.

It might sound a little like a gooshy tagline for a sentimental commercial, but it’s true. Whether it’s noticeable, or whether she will actually vocalize it, a mom feels very loved when she’s given a book. 

A List of Books for Moms

If you need a little inspiration for what to buy or send, here’s a list of books for moms who love to read. 

Books for Moms
Be sure you give this one with a pretty box of tissues! It’s my all-time favorite for moms.

Books for Moms

A very good friend of mine once said, “If you watch cooking shows, you feel like you cooked.” Ha! If your mom likes to cook or just read the recipes, Ina Garten’s latest work is for her. 

Books for Moms

Since published in 2011, Ann Voskamp’s New York Times bestseller has sold way over a million copies. Her call to gratitude has hit its mark, especially with women who long to add more gratefulness into their days. 

Books for Moms

Debbie Macomber’s Blossom Street Series is a light and breezy, feel-good read for moms. 

Books for Moms

If your mom likes to read books that help improve her sweet self, she’ll love Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. That is, if she hasn’t already it three times like I have.
Happy reading, Moms!
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