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It’s a Miracle! 4 New Pairs of Shoes that Don’t Hurt My Feet?!?

4 New Pairs of Shoes That Don't Hurt My Feet

It’s not that I have a fetish or anything (that sounds pretty creepy), but on the other hand, I  do notice pretty feet. And I’m certainly not the only one.  
The Chinese have long ago discontinued the tradition of foot binding; however, it was a practice long- considered as greatly contributing to the beauty of a wealthy young girl. In India, children bow to touch the feet of their elders as a sign of great respect. Don’t show the sole of your shoe when visiting the Middle East, but do try to trip on your left foot when in Russia – for good luck. Pretty feet are one thing. Cute shoes are another. But, shoes that don’t hurt your pretty feet? That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

4 Pairs of Shoes That Don't Hurt My Feet

So, here’s the thing. I LIKE pretty feet, and I LOVE cute shoes, but I have a major problem. 
I really don’t know what it is exactly. Perhaps it’s a combination of several foot flaws that makes shoe shopping just so dang hard for me these days.
Part of the problem could be my knees instead of my feet. LOLOL! But whatever it is (I’m sick of trying to analyze the problem!), I know this one thing.
I’m out for a little style and a little comfort in the same pair of shoes, and that should be SO much easier to find than I’m finding that it really is. 
When Mike and I were newlyweds, there was this shoe store in our small town that actually had a 3-FOR-1 sale. I was in HOG HEAVEN (so to speak) and I bought 15 PAIRS OF SHOES at that sale. I have a picture somewhere of myself sitting on the floor of our tiny apartment, swooping my outstretched arm over my kingdom of lovely shoes kind of like Vanna White with her letters.

4 New Pairs of Shoes That Don't Hurt My Feet

What in the world happened between now and then? It’s like when you all of a sudden turn 40 and need reading glasses. One morning you wake up, you’re 50 and not a single pair of your shoes feels good any more! Anybody out there smellin’ what I’m steppin’ in? LOLOL 
Maybe it was those 12 years of wearing nothing but flip flops. 
Like I said, I’m sick of it, y’all.
In my search for the perfect fit, I’ve tried everything there is to try.
Sling back, slip on, rubber soles, leather uppers, rounded toes, pointy flats, low-heel wedges, high-heeled pumps, cushy bottoms, ankle ties, ugly plastic, beautiful fabric, moccasins, tennis shoes and houseshoes.
Actually, houseshoes feel pretty good, but the fashion experts say you should really only wear them to Walmart at night. 
Well, the GOOD NEWS is that after much prayer and fasting (or maybe just prayer ha ha), I recently found FOUR, count ’em, FOUR new pairs of shoes that actually don’t hurt my feet. They don’t hurt a heel, bother a bunion or anger an arch. They actually feel good on my feet. 
That, my dear girlfriends, is saying A LOT.
Notice, I’m speaking specifically here to my girlfriends, because as far as I can tell, this is mostly a “girl” issue. I haven’t heard a single man talking about this problem amongst themselves, have you?
Thankfully, though, they are smart enough to sympathize.
My man even took me outlet shopping in San Marcos just for shoes. He actually SUGGESTED it.

4 New Pairs of Shoes That Don't Hurt My Feet

After only 4 hours in the sweltering July heat my man and I came home. Both of us were so happy about my shoes! Ok, he was probably only happy about his Sonic cherry limeade, but he ACTED happy about my shoes. My FOUR PAIRS of beautiful, comfortable, stylish shoes that don’t even hurt my feet.
Watch out, Vanna. I feel an arm swoop coming on. 
Encouraging intentional adventure and a summer day trip to the Premium and Tanger outlets in San Marcos,

PS: Here are links to the shoes like the ones I bought, in case you want to try them for yourself or just do a little online shoe shopping. 

  1. Molly Loafer by Michael Kors (purchased at the Saks Outlet)
  2. Saltwata Slide by Nine West (purchased at the Nine West Outlet)
  3. Allium espadrille by Nine West (purchased at the Nine West Outlet)
  4. Emma by Kate Spade (purchased at the Saks Outlet)

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  • Eizabeth Johnson

    Hey Brenda!! Great post!! I have the same issues!! I just got 3 pairs of Patricia Green shoes…OMGOODNESS!!! They’re beautiful and soooo comfortable!! Her tagline is Comfort Chic….and they are!!! You can find them on her website ( or at Nordstrom ( It’s like walking on clouds!! Amazing quality. Had to share…in case you need a few more pairs!! hahahah!!! See ya on Insta!! Liz – @elizabeth_._johnson

    • Brenda McDearmon

      Oh, Elizabeth! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and sole! I’ll definitely check out Comfort Chic upon your recommendation.