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11 Birthday Freebies You Might Not Already Know About

11 Birthday Freebies You Might Not Already Know About

11 Birthday Freebies You Might Not Already Know About

Happy birthday! 

If you enjoy celebrating your birthday every year when it rolls around, and you also love a good freebie, you’re in good company.


August is my birthday month, and I’m all about stretching the fun out all month long. And, why not? It takes a while to take advantage of all these once-a-year birthday perks that come at absolutely no cost to me.


The birthday girl.


Yes, sirree, bub.


From coffee to dessert, these birthday freebies are guaranteed to make a month full o’ special, from start to finish.


Morning to night.


Dawn to dusk.


You get the idea.


So, if your birthday is coming up soon, check out this list of 11 birthday freebies you might not already know about.


My Starbucks Rewards

Everyone who has signed up for My Starbucks Rewards gets a free birthday beverage or treat.


What a deal for all of us who love a Venti Peppermint Mocha.
Even in August.


Note – to qualify, you must sign up at least 30 days before your birthday, and the reward can be used two days before your birthday, on your birthday, or one day after your birthday.


Yikes! If you’re nervous about missing out, just pencil in a reminder on the due date in your planner.



Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast

Sign up for Denny’s Rewards here and enjoy a Grand Slam Breakfast on your birthday every year.


With 225 locations in Texas, finding a place to get it should be pretty easy to do.


11 Birthday Freebies You Might Not Already Know About

Photo –

Birthday Appetizer at Texas Roadhouse

A really smart friend told me about this one.


Download the Texas Roadhouse app and get a free appetizer.




That’s right.


Easy peasy.


Or easy pickle-y.


Anyway, my friend is pretty partial to pickles.


Fried pickles.


Don’t these look delicious?


Birthday Freebies

Photo – Texas Roadhouse

Table Side Guacamole at Uncle Julio’s

Join Uncle Julio’s Amiga Especial Loyalty Program for a complimentary table side guacamole and keep racking up the points all year long.


Maybe next year, you’ll have accumulated enough to get a free chocolate pinata!



Birthday Pasta from Buca di Beppo

Sign up for Buca di Beppo’s eClub here and celebrate with a free small pasta.


Buon compleanno!


Birthday Freebies

Photo – Buca di Beppo

La Madeleine Club

There are two ways to get a birthday freebie at La Madeleine.


One – sign up here to be on the email list and you’ll receive an email right away entitling you to a free cup of soup or a petite salad. Is there anything better than a creamy, steamy cup of this restaurant’s tomato soup?


Two – download the La Madeleine app and join the rewards program. As soon as you sign up, you can head over and pick up your free Lemon Madeleine or Butter Croissant!


Either of the above choices will also get you a free birthday pastry or slice of cake.


If I get to go with my friend Jana on her birthday, she shares her favorite with me – Coconut Cake.


Here’s how La Madeleine describes this yumminess on a plate: Coconut syrup-soaked cake layers filled with creamy coconut custard and sweet toasted coconut, finished with coconut flavored topping and coconut.


I have nothing to add.


Enough said.
Birthday Freebies

Photo (and delicious description) – La Madeleine


Chick-fil-A Birthday Reward

Download the Chick-fil-A app and register for the membership program to get a birthday treat every year and earn points for other rewards all year long.


Photo – Chick-fil-A


Baskin Robbins Birthday Club

Sign up for the birthday club to get a free birthday scoop of ice cream at one of Baskin Robbins’ 2500 locations around the country.


The top 5 flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pralines ‘n Cream and Chocolate Chip, but if you want to live on the edge, try Baseball Nut®, the flavor that commemorated the Dodgers’ move from Brooklyn to L.A. in 1958.


Birthday Freebies

My very own birthday commemorative scoop.

Amy’s Ice Creams Scoop Group

Speaking of ice cream, if you sign up to receive the Sundae News, you’ll get a free birthday treat at one of Amy’s 12 Austin stores, as well as the San Antonio and Houston locations.


Amy’s Mexican Vanilla is well-known favorite, but Citrus Sunrise has been chosen as the Ice Cream of The Year, so you might want to try it for your birthday treat.


Described as a blend of mandarin orange, lemon and yuzu with a sweet and delicate prickly pear swirl, this flavor will only be around until the next year’s flavor takes its place.


11 Birthday Freebies You Might Not Already Know About

Photo – Amy’s Ice Creams


Birthday Reward at Panera Bread

Sign up here to get a My Panera member card (or download the app) and start earning rewards, which include a free birthday pastry on your special day at one of Panera’s 106 Texas locations.



Free Birthday Movie Rental at Redbox

Sign up for Redbox Perks and get a free rental during your birthday month.


Everyone needs to celebrate with a relaxing movie at home in your birthday suit.


Wait. I didn’t say that right, did I?


Don’t watch the movie in your birthday suit.


Put on your birthday jammies.



*Bonus Freebie – Only in Austin*

If you’re celebrating your birthday in Austin, you might want to visit one of my favorite places, Garbo’s Fresh Maine Lobster.


This family-run restaurant located in Austin’s Wells Branch area is a little nautical gem.


The restaurant is decorated like a quaint little neighborhood favorite one would expect to find in the state of Maine, and the food is outstanding.


Whether your birthday celebration at Garbo’s includes fresh lobster or fish and chips, count yourself a lucky birthday gal or guy, because you will also be treated to a complimentary dessert – a Birthday Whoopie Pie.
What a catch!


11 Birthday Freebies You Might Not Already Know About

Photo – Whoopie Pie at Garbo’s Lobster in Austin


The Party’s Over!

That’s only 11 ideas, my friends, but I just really don’t think I can eat another thing!
However, please send me your own freebie finds, and I might have to reconsider.


Encouraging a life filled with everyday intentional adventure – and a really big birthday celebration,

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  • Tonya

    I knew about most of these, but thank you for a few new ones! Since August is my month, too, I drain it baby! So, I got a free buntlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes through email subscription. Fun! Also, Dunkin Donuts gave me a free beverage because of the same email subscription- YAY!! Hugs and kisses from Austin

  • Laura Etie

    This is my first visit here. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m hooked. lol
    I do plan to visit as often as possible. Thanks for making me feel a sense of belonging and normalcy. I do enjoy young people, but I also enjoy reading about and meeting folks in my own season of life. It gives you a sense of ease knowing that other women feel just as you do.