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B is for Brenda

Hi, there! My name is Brenda McDearmon, and I love to encourage people! I created this blog to help overfiftyers look beyond the transitions into a future of everyday adventure so they can focus on themselves a little, and on every other good thing in life a lot. I’m so glad you’re here!

I moved seven hours away from the Texas panhandle to Austin, Texas a little over two years ago with my husband and the last of our three kids, not on a whim, but almost. Now, we live in the fastest growing city in the whole United States. There’s about a million reasons why so many people want to live in Austin, and I’m on a mission to discover as many of them as possible!

It seems like for most of us, life underfifty is about finding Mr. or Ms. Right, raising 2.3 perfect kids, and creating a Pinterest-worthy home. So, what happens when you and Mr. Right hit the big 5-0, the kids are great, but you have a few wrinkles from raising them, and you’ve moved so many times you have to keep black and brown sharpies close by to cover the gouges in the furniture? You regroup! That’s what we did. We revisited an unfulfilled dream, started looking into each other’s eyes again (behind our reading glasses) and settled into a calm state of intentional adventure!

Besides my husband and me, we have a grown daughter, Kelsey, who is a single mom to our really adorable granddaughter. Kelsey is very independent and self-sufficient, successful at work and in life. She’s also a runner. Not sure where she got that. She’s a thoughtful daughter and granddaughter, a loyal friend, and a wise mom. We couldn’t be more proud of her.

Our middle daughter, Aly, is a nurse in a cardiac hospital in Houston. She is a very contented newlywed after marrying Nick, the man of her dreams in an elegant ceremony here in Austin. It does our hearts good to watch them having so much fun together. Aly is a born nurse, and God has placed her in her sweet spot, caring for people with all kinds of heart issues. She’s also going to school to be a nurse practitioner, and will soon be moving to the cardiac OR at her hospital.  Very exciting.

Keagon is our pride and joy of a son. He’s away at college, but misses his mom every single day, I feel sure. We really enjoy this time of his life. Keagon has always been a mature kid, but now he’s combining that maturity with a growing box of the tools it will take to make his God-given dreams come alive. It’s fun to listen to him and his dad talk about all the things he’s learning in class. He has nicknamed me, “Merm.” I love it when he calls me that.

This blog isn’t just about me – it’s about all of us – austinoverfifty or seattleunderthirty – we all need a steady dose of adventure, whether it’s bold and thought through, or spontaneous, on a big ol’ Texas-size whim.  You’ll find encouragement here. Encouragement to be intentionally adventurous – no matter what your age – but if you’re “overfifty,” especially now.

Your devoted encourager,

Minor League Baseball in Texas is Major League Fun




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  • Susan Bentley
    August 8, 2016 at 1:14 am

    Simply wonderful!