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Austin is Number One Place to Live in America for 3rd Straight Year

Austin is Number One Place to Live for 3rd Year in a Row

For the 3rd year in a row, Austin, Texas is the number one place to live in America.

And Dallas is in the top 25.

I guess I’m just Texan to the core, because that statistic does make me swell with a teensy bit of pride.

And having lived in Austin for nearly five fabulous years, I can personally testify to its reason for the ranking.

It’s Texas, Y’all

However, having also lived in five other Texas towns, I really think it’s just TEXAS, yall.

People want to live here.

But of course, why wouldn’t they?

We’re a friendly, confident, benevolent adventure-seeking people who love our neighbors, are always down for a good day trip, and we know exactly where to send you for a great chicken fried steak.

In addition to all that, our churches are welcoming, our universities are acclaimed, and our farms produce crops that feed the world.

And don’t even get a Texan started on how much we love our H-E-B.

But There’s More

Oh, but there’s more.

We have Palo Duro Canyon – the 2nd largest canyon in the United States.

The city of Fredericksburg started as a small German community and has now become a must-do on the list of every Texas tourist.

Then there’s the Texas Gulf Coast, where historic Galveston keeps on giving the best of Texas rest and relaxation.

Basically, to every corner, in every way, Texas is a state packed with adventure, fun, and scenic sights.

Plus one more thing.

Texas and Influence

Gail Collins, columnist for the New York Times sums it up like this:

“You’d imagine a state with a motto like Don’t Mess With Texas would be a small scrappy state, but Texas is a huge scrappy state. And the people are great. We’re not used to thinking of Texas as a driving force in American affairs, but there you are. It really does seem as if these days, as Texas goes, so goes the nation whether we like it or not.”

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our state’s capital city is the number one place to live for three years running.

Have you been to Austin – the number one place to live for three years in a row???

(Okay, I’m finished braggin’ now.)

Encouraging everyday intentional adventure in the beautiful, spacious, and somewhat influential great state of Texas,

Texas Over Fifty

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