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Amazon Prime Day Deals on Texas-Based Products

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Trendsetting Texas-Based Products

If there is one thing I think I’m pretty good at, it’s spotting a trend. “Trendsetter Brenda.”  Yep, that’s what I like to call myself from time to time when I “strike it rich” by spotting something that starts, gains steam, then becomes a full-on trend.
Keep in mind, there’s a difference between trendsetters and trend-spotters. The first, I have never, never, never in my long-legged life claimed to be.
The latter, however, is a group to which I have enthusiastically thought to be enjoined.
See how eloquent I’m waxing here? So very, very sure of myself, right?
Don’t I sound just a touch cocky? A tad too sure of myself?
Downright prideful, perhaps?

I Didn’t See This One Coming

The first time I heard of, laid eyes on, smelled and checked the price tag on a little spray bottle of something called Poo-Pourri, I thought some crazy things, my friends.
Who would ever think this is gonna fly (or flush?), I found myself thinking?
Will people pay this much for a little spit spat of a spray that goes right down the drain? The sewer drain, no  less?
I mean, I’m just as much a big-hair-loving, poop-smell-despising Texan as you’ll ever want to meet, but, really?
And you spray it in the bowl BEFORE the poo, for crying out loud?
Good honk, I said to myself. Because who even talks about this stuff out loud, for Potty’s sake? LOL
So, here’s the bottom line.
I absolutely did not see this one coming.
Nope. The Poo-train was already going, full-steam ahead, before I had time to adjust our monthly bathroom budget.
And now, there’s only one thing left to do.
Either Poo or get off the pot.

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

Was I late to the Poo-Party?
But, you know what they say.
Knowledge is power.
See something, spray something.
I would just feel so bad if I didn’t make sure ALL Texas Over Fiftyers got the word.
So, here it is.
Don’t get caught with your pants down if you haven’t first sprayed a little Poo, my friends.

Get With the Trend

For the next few hours, good-smelling poo need not drain your bathroom budget.
Get Poo-Pourri’s In-a-Pinch Pack at a great Amazon Deal Days price right here and save $10.83 on the 16 oz. refill bottle here.
You might want to grab several bottles while you’re at it, because at $400 million in sales (so far), it appears this trend is leaving behind those of us who aren’t spraying what we leave behind.
(Click here and here for more about the truly inspirational Texas-size success of this trendsetting product at Story of Poo.)

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Texas-Based Products


Another Amazing Texas-Based Trendsetter

Two outdoor-loving brothers whose parents named them Ryan and Roy, having graduated from two major Texas universities, came up with an idea for a better cooler.
A way better cooler.
Talk about setting a trend.
Since Yeti came on the scene, others companies have followed the trend with similar products, but it’s Austin-based Yeti that started it all.
Get the Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler at a $90 savings now at Amazon Prime Day Deals.
And, of course, when Amazon Prime Day Deals are over, you can collect a few more Yeti products at the flagship store in Austin.

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Texas-Based Products

The Bigger The Better

I don’t even know if “start-up” was a word in 1984, but I do remember when Michael Dell became a household name.
Is there any bigger trend than the one called “computers”?
Good grief, I was using the smartest typewriter on the planet at the law office where I worked and still had to put pieces of carbon between sheets of bond paper to type original wills. If there was a typo, it meant starting all over.
That was real life back-in-the-day, but real life in 2019 is much easier, and that’s largely because of the contribution Michael Dell has made to the world.
Texas trendsetting doesn’t get much bigger than that.
Speaking of big – check out the Amazon Prime Day savings on this  Texas-sized monitor from Texas-based Dell.
At $280 off, this might be the really big deal you’ve been looking for all day.
Everything is bigger in Texas, isn’t it?

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Texas-Based Products

Amazon Prime Day Deals 

Thank you for watching Texas Over Fifty on the Facebook page for Amazon Prime Day Deals on products that got their start right here in the Lone Star State.
Oh – and, by the way.
This whole Amazon Prime Day Deals thing?
Not sure I saw that trend coming either.
Encouraging intentional adventure for your otherwise regular days,

Minor League Baseball in Texas is Major League Fun




PS: Do you know someone who wishes they were in Texas right about now? Send a bit of Lone Star love his or her way with this nostalgic gift from the Prime Day Deals collection.

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Texas-Based Products

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