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50 “I Will” Statements to Live By If You’re Over Fifty

50 "I WILL" Statements to Live By if You're Over Fifty

So much of turning 50 is pure fun, y’all. Wild, crazy, middle-aged, uninhibited, who-gives-a-rip, F-U-N. But there’s more to turning 50 than meets the bifocaled eye, my friends. Stuff happens. Stuff HAS happened. Stuff will continue to happen. Getting past 50 to 60 and beyond requires some serious resolve, if you ask me. We’ve got to stick together. We need some group-think tactics and some I WILL determination for this decade! So.Here.Ya.Go. I’ve gathered a little list of 50 I WILL statements for all of us to live by.
Tack ’em on the fridge (unless there’s nothing in it.) Post ’em on your bathroom mirror (if you can see that far). Share ’em with your bunco group, or talk about them over coffee down at the donut shop (not YET!?!).
Oh, well, whatever you do with this list,  I WILL love you for reading it at all!

50 “I WILL” Statements to Live By if You’ve Hit the Big 5-0

  1. I WILL try never to wear a blue jumpsuit in public.
  2. I WILL grow older gracefully.
  3. I WILL make new friends but keep the old.
  4. I WILL not become a political ranter on Facebook.
  5. I WILL set up an Instagram account and follow millennials who travel the world.
  6. I WILL introduce myself to new things and never get bored with my life.
  7. I WILL help those in need.
  8. I WILL remember that those in need might look like they have everything.
  9. I WILL check on people I haven’t heard from in a while.
  10. I WILL be prepared to go through a crisis with my friends.
  11. I WILL wear cute jeans and stylish eyeglasses.
  12. I WILL do something every day that’s just a little better than I’ve done it before.
  13. I WILL be frugal, but I will always f-l-u-s-h.
  14. I WILL shave.
  15. I WILL laugh.
  16. I WILL welcome those who move to my city.
  17. I WILL introduce myself to those who visit my church.
  18. I WILL meet newcomers to my neighborhood.
  19. I WILL read.
  20. I WILL study.
  21. I WILL journal.
  22. I WILL call my kids.
  23. I WILL listen to my kids.
  24. I WILL do what my kids tell me to do.
  25. I WILL support the dreams of my children.
  26. I WILL admire the dreams of my friends.
  27. I WILL sit with the sick.
  28. I WILL walk with the weary.
  29. I WILL kneel with the hopeless.
  30. I WILL be a source of encouragement when needed.
  31. I WILL be a wellspring of wisdom when asked.
  32. I WILL text funny GIFs.
  33. I WILL smile at the weddings.
  34. I WILL cry at the funerals.
  35. I WILL send baby gifts.
  36. I WILL be grateful for the end of tuition payments.
  37. I WILL be elated for the beginning of grandparenting.
  38. I WILL cheer for the ones who find love the second time around.
  39. I WILL empathize with those who couldn’t make it last.
  40. I WILL optimize my strengths.
  41. I WILL minimize others’ weaknesses.
  42. I WILL memorialize my moments.
  43. I WILL categorize what’s important, and I will downsize my stuff.
  44. I WILL forgive those who have hurt me.
  45. I WILL apologize for the wrongs I’ve done.
  46. I WILL never let it steal my joy.
  47. I WILL find what I’ve been looking for.
  48. I WILL examine the motives of my heart.
  49. I WILL clear out the cobwebs.
  50. I WILL marvel at the mercies of God.
Wow, are you as motivated as I am right about now? Let me know which ones you like, which ones you don’t, but most of all, let me know which ones you might add! I’m all ears.
And I can still hear pretty well.
Encouraging intentional adventure,

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PSS – The photo at the top of the post is of Mike and me with college friends, Doug & Anita. They moved to Austin about a year ago, and we’ve had so much fun reconnecting!

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