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4 Great Places to Treat the Man in Your Life (Part 1)


Don’t ask ME how a man with a foot-long beard can be an expert on a straight-razor shave.

Don’t ask ME what it is about a barber shop that draws tattoo-clad stylists.

Don’t ask ME why I never knew it was such a big deal.

But, do ask me if your man will like it.

I will tell you, straight-up, that your man will love a straight-razor shave at Finley’s Barber Shop.

Remember how Andy Griffith was always hanging with his peeps at Floyd’s barber shop?

Well, I guess this is why.  No women, no pink, no perfumes.  Just leather, shaving cream and a special fridge in the back room. 

(Finley’s on 3rd)

I don’t know about the men in your life, but the men in mine are the kind that don’t expect a lot of pampering. They would rather money be spent on the women in their lives than on themselves. They don’t mind doing the driving and heavy lifting, and they never really require a lot of thanks for the things they do.

However, ask any man in your life if he would like to be treated to a shave at Finley’s, and – you can take this to the bank – he WILL say Y-E-S. When? Sure! OK! 

(Look at this crew of mine! They look half nervous, like they can’t really believe their good fortune!)

While the women were down the block at a gourmet olive oil store, the men were enjoying themselves right nicely.

Inside this very manly establishment, the chairs are sturdy and strong, but easily flopped straight back so the barber can expertly wrap the patron’s head in a warm, wet towel, getting those pesky facial hairs ready to be swiped off in a cloud of warm, white lather.

Forty-five minutes after we dropped the little fellas off for their beauty appointment, they came out, all smiles and relaxed, faces as soft as baby bottoms, offering immediately to buy us jewelry, new clothes and purses. 

With eight locations around Austin, a trip to Finley’s for the man in your life is an easy Saturday morning possibility. (Also located in Houston, DFW and Denver.)

Can you just imagine the delight in his eyes if you combined this outing with a donut???

(Father/son haircuts are 20% off on Sundays.)

If I’ve ever been sure of anything, I’m sure of this. A man likes a hot towel, a lathered up face and an expertly-edged shave.

If he tries to buy you something afterward, just smile and sweetly say, “No, dear, that’s oooookkkkkk.”

Because today, it’s all about him. 

Encouraging intentional adventure and a little inspiration to treat a special man in your life,

PS – Be sure to make an appointment. Walk-ins may have to wait!

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  • Sue Johnson

    You are still great at pampering your man. Unless I have this wrong I think you hired someone to come and clean the storage shed to surprise Mike when you were here in Muleshoe. Then you pampered all 4 of us after Mike and Reggie finished doing something at your house and we had a night in Lubbock and introduced us to BLESS YOUR HEART. That was back when every penny counted and every penny spent on pleasure was treasured. You are quite a woman Brenda McDearmon-Inside and Out. Love you Sue

    • Brenda McDearmon

      Sue, your comments just warm my heart. I don’t remember hiring someone to clean the shed, but I do remember our boondoggle to Lubbock. You really have no idea how much you and Reggie blessed us with your friendship during those years in Muleshoe! I