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3 New Happy Hour Favorites

Austin is our first experience at city-life.  Like Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert in Green Acres, moving to a new spot sometimes involves a pretty steep learning curve!


I probably saw all 170 episodes of Green Acres, over six seasons, and I don’t remember Lisa Douglas ever learning to cook or clean. She just kept wearing her fancy jewelry and looking pretty – pretty out of place.

When you move to a new place, whether rural to urban or city to country, there’s going to be a learning curve. Some things are learned on purpose and others are garnered simply by osmosis.

I’ve decided that HH is learned, and it’s learned by osmosis.  You just have to get out there, try a few, and let this idea take root:  You can eat dinner at HH.  

Here are three great new spots to add to my last list of favorites:


I love the relaxing atmosphere and first-rate service at Fleming’s. No waiting in line. Simple menu selections. Affordable.



Complimentary salty chips, a share-able sized French dip sandwich, and maybe a cocktail or glass of really nice wine at Fleming’s  HH (downtown or at the Domain) is more like dinner!


A true HH gem, Truluck’s (downtown or at the Arboretum) will treat you like royalty, whether you order an expensive steak, or just a glass of wine and their beautiful shrimp cocktail.


But, hey, if dinner is shrimp cocktail, maybe you can justify dessert.


Our waitperson poured the special caramel sauce over this luscious slice of carrot cake at the table – as we drooled just a little. Decadent. Rich. Chilled cake with warm caramel sauce. Good thing we were splitting this one four ways!


There’s only one Sullivan’s location in Austin, but it’s worth the drive. Waiting out the traffic for an hour after work at Sullivan’s isn’t bad either.  The atmosphere is sort of upscale 60’s, with its geometric room dividers and soulful lighting. The decor might remind you of an episode of Mad Men, while the music selection crosses many genres and decades. It makes for a very relaxing HH.



A full-sized, perfectly grilled burger is on the HH menu, and it’s delicious, I’m telling you. Delicious.

Maybe you’ve always lived in a city with a population over and above that of our beloved Muleshoe, Texas (where we spent 7 years in nearly-heaven).  There was no HH in Muleshoe, but…there was fresh sweet corn and juicy vine-ripened tomatoes and long visits with neighbors while the kids rode their bikes all over town.  Dinner was a plate with meat, potatoes, fresh veggies from someone’s local farm, and a big glass of iced tea.

But if citylife is new to you, too, or maybe you’re like me, and you thought HH was a bunch of carousers sitting on flimsy stools, you might want to take a ride around the ol’ learning curve.  I think even Oliver Douglas would have liked Happy Hour in Austin.  

Encouraging intentional adventure and happy hour for dinner,


 PS – Some good friends are coming to Austin this weekend, and I can hardly decide where to take them first!

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  • Sue Johnson

    Messed up the last sentence lol New adventure in your life.!!!!

  • Sue Johnson

    Love your Blog and you Brenda. I haven’t written or said anything because I was scared I would do it wrong but decided to try today. You changed your mind about HH and I am venturing forth and leaving a comment. Love you and so excited for both of you on this adventure of live. Love you