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3 Adventurous Ways to Celebrate National Chocolate Day in Texas

Celebrate National Chocolate Day

Did you know that the antioxidants in dark chocolate can actually help lower blood pressure? That’s some pretty good news, isn’t it? Considering that today is National Chocolate Day, and now that we know it has some healthy benefits, you and I have all the permission we need to indulge just a bit in America’s favorite flavor – chocolate.

Three Chocolate Adventures

Here at Texas Over Fifty, we’re very intentional about finding the adventure in everyday life.

Adventures come in small packages, like reading a new book, and big ones, like taking a dream trip to England.

But culinary adventures are some of the very best ways to add a little spark to an average day. Trying a new restaurant for lunch is always fun. I really enjoy cooking recipes I’ve never tried before, too. (The Lemony Risotto recipe in this cooking-for-two cookbook was amazing!)

And chocolate? Well, I’m always down for that.

Here are three delightfully adventurous ways to celebrate National Chocolate Day.

1: Visit a Chocolate Shop

A few years ago, when we lived in Austin, I became pretty determined to learn about new categories of things which I’d never before experienced.

My husband and I had both grown up in the Texas panhandle, and the mid-life move we made all the way to the Hill Country was both eye-opening and brain-expanding.

Especially, especially, especially when it came to foodie finds.

It wasn’t long before I decided it was very important for me to visit ALL the chocolate shops in Austin.

I mean, how was a blogger supposed to blog about stuff if she never went to the places she blogged about, right?

So, I went for it with all the gusto of a kid in a literal candy shop.

First on the list was Delysia Chocolatier.

Let me tell you this about that experience:

Since the day I toured the kitchen and tasted their perfect-crack-between-your-teeth ganache creations, I have been a raving fan of Delysia Chocolatier.

I’m apparently not the only one, because the business has really grown.

I’ve spotted Delysia’s logo on beautiful red boxes at the gift shop inside The Fairmont Hotel, in airports, and I’ve even noticed them for sale in book stores.

I wrote all about that first chocolate adventure here, and I’m sure there’s a chocolate shop to tour somewhere close to where you live as well.

If not, just pretend.

Order a box or two of Delysia’s creations, then invite friends over for a chocolate “tour” around your table!

2: Take a Chocolate Tour

Another adventurous way to celebrate National Chocolate Day is to sign up for a bus tour!

Yes, there’s really a Dallas-based tour company that takes people all around the city for chocolate tastings.

I haven’t checked the chocolate tour off my own bucket list (yet!), but I have been on a taco tour with this group, which was super-fun.

So, I can’t imagine that a chocolate tour might not be, well, even better.

3. Make Texas Brownies for Two

If you can’t get out to do the first two celebration ideas, you can always opt for making my world famous (well, my hubby really likes ’em, anyway) Texas Brownies for Two.

Boy, are they good!

The thing that makes these brownies so yummy – the secret sauce – is the Mexican vanilla. (This brand is sooooo good.)

And the Texas pecans, of course.

3 Adventurous Ways to Celebrate National Chocolate Day

Happy National Chocolate Day!

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate, I hope it satisfies your craving for chocolate – and a new adventure!

Your devoted encourager,

Blogging to encourage intentional adventure!

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