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25 Best Black Friday Amazon Deal Pics for Texans Over Fifty

25 Best Black Friday Amazon Deal Pics for Texans Over Fifty

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! Now that we’re all fat and happy after a day of feasting and family, it’s time to get down to shopping for Chriistmas gifts, right? What’s on your list? Have you already purchased all the gifts, wrapped them and stuck them under the tree? Or, have you been waiting until today to scour the internet for the best deals? Great! You’re in the right spot. Here are my 25 best Black Friday Amazon deal pics for Texans Over Fifty!

We Draw Names

Several years ago, as the kids got older and started paying for all their own stuff (yipee!!!), we talked about our gift giving traditions and decided to modify. We downsized from the everybody-buys-everybody-something pattern of our past and moved to a more minimal and meaningful gift-giving approach.

Now, just before Thanksgiving, the oldest grandchild writes everyone’s name on a slip of paper and draws out who-gets-whom. Her mom films the process and then forwards the video in our family group text.

Lots of Online Shopping

As the years have gone by, the trend has continued. We seem to be doing less perusing the aisles of a store as we do lots of online shopping instead.

Are you the same way?

It’s just so easy, right? But also, it’s fun. And if those special people on your list are good at giving you specific ideas, online shopping becomes an even greater way to breeze through the holidays.

Top 25 Black Friday Amazon Deal Pics

Here’s my list of top 25 Black Friday Amazon Deal Pics for all of us Texans Over Fifty.

This list includes gifts for your Over Fifty spouse, friends, coworkers or neighbors. But you’ll also find some good bargains in this list for your grandkids, and then a few ideas for your own little Over Fifty self.

I mean, there should always be a reward for the one who sits on the couch doing all that Black Friday deal shopping, right?

  1. Samsonite Hardside Expandable Luggage ($159.99) – What I like about this luggage set is that you can sanitize the whole piece when coming home from a trip. My current set of luggage has been all over the Lone Star State, and while it does its duty very well, the miles are starting to show. Plus, it’s more the fabric kind, and there are getting to be some oily-looking stains here and there. So, I’m considering this Black Friday deal for myself. I love the color options, too.
  2. New bath towels ($26.99) – Is there someone on your list who just remodeled their bathroom? Or a millennial who could use a few more than the two towels they took from home? This set looks luxurious, and the color is fade-resistant, to, which makes this purchase a win-win.
  3. Amazon Basics Weighted Blanket ($41.99) – If you have a family member or friend who struggles with anxiety or just plain had a rough year, this weighted blanket would be a thoughtful gift. In fact, my daughter sleeps under one like this, and she claims a big huge difference in the restfulness of her night.
  4. Yoga Mat ($15.04)- For your fitness enthusiast, a new yoga mat would be a fun gift, especially if you add these Lululemon yoga pants to the box! If you get the yoga mat for 30% off, maybe you can justify the crazy cost of the yoga pants, which are not on sale. Just sayin’.
  5. Coleman Air Mattress ($49.60) – All Texans Over Fifty need to revisit the subject of real camping., I say! Well … at least I’ve been trying to get my hubby to do that. We used to have so much newlywed fun when we threw our gear together and took off for a weekend of camping in a tent! I’m still working on him, but if your guy is a little less resistant, this air mattress would be a great gift. it’s almost 40% off during Black Friday. To sweeten the offer, here’s a map of Texas State Parks, which is sure to inspire an outdoor adventure.
  6. Michael Kors watch for women $99.00) – this Black Friday bargain from Michael Kors offers free returns if it doesn’t suit the wrist of your gift recipient.
  7. Breville Nespresso Coffee Machine ($194.96) – I absolutely love my Nespresso.
  8. Blink video doorbell ($94.98) – Great gift for pretty much anyone with a doorbell.
  9. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones ($179.00) – More and more people are using these on airplanes. Therefore, I think they would be a welcome gift for all the travelers in your life.
  10. Digital Read Meat Thermometer ($12.74) – Having a good meat thermometer is a game changer. Of course, you can also beef up this gift with a subscription to Butcher Box at this Black Friday price.
  11. Flower Building Toy Set ($30.57) – A great toy for little girls who love to create.
  12. National Geographic Parks book ($18.35) – This book will excite the explorers on your list. Add a National Park Pass and you’re their gift-giving hero.
  13. Record Player Turntable ($47.99) – Sure wish I still had my Donny Osmond album!
  14. Outdoor Utility Wagon ($95.99) – One of the greatest inventions of all time.
  15. Ceramic Bakeware Set – ($39.99) – This is a great set of bakeware for emptynesters, especially ones who RV fulltime.
  16. Rosetta Stone Lifetime Access ($149.99) – Learn 24 languages!
  17. Math Games for Kids Age 4-10 ($42.99) – Looking for a good gift for your grandkids?
  18. Bissell Cordless Slim Stick Vacuum ($217.99) – Here’s a good deal on a non-bulky vacuum.
  19. Tailgate and Camping Folding Chair ($29.59) – It doesn’t take long for these to get old and rickety, does it?
  20. Grandmother’s Journal ($12.67) – What grandmother doesn’t want one of these?
  21. Pickleball Paddles Set ($47.59) – Seems like everyone playing is playing pickleball these days. (I need to learn!)
  22. Amalfi Coast 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle ($13.59) – Does someone in your family enjoy working puzzles? In that case, here’s a great buy on a big one that will keep him or her busy.
  23. Downtown Abbey Christmas Cookbook ($18.90) – Save 46% on this cookbook from everyone’s favorite British series.
  24. Facial Cleansing Brush ($12.96) – Start the new year off right with this tool to ramp up your skin care routiine.
  25. Backseat Organizers 2 pack ($15.29) – For all the grandparents who pick up their sweet grandkids from school.

I hope you’re enjoying the Friday after Thanksgiving! It’s a beautiful day pretty much anywhere in Texas!

But if you need to get a little Black Friday Amazon shopping done, I hope I’ve given you some great ideas.

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