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25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

Ladies, if the men on your Christmas list are the hardest ones to buy for, get ready to be inspired. The following list of 25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men is chock full of great ideas for gifts, stocking stuffers and adventurous experiences your man is sure to love.

But, hey, why is it that men are so notoriously hard to buy for, anyway? 

It’s not because they don’t want anything for themselves. I think it’s just that they’re more comfortable planning gift purchases for the ones they love than they are declaring a list of things they want someone to buy for them.

Men Would Rather Buy For Than Be Bought For

Certainly, it’s not true for every man, but the reason most of them are a little hard to buy for is because they don’t easily let it be known what they want.

But when Christmas rolls around, we need some ideas.

We start asking each other and begging for hints and getting other people in on the conspiracy, frantically attempting to find out one thing. What does he want, for crying out loud?

All in an effort to surprise ‘em, bless ‘em and sometimes dress ‘em. 

So, sit back and let your creative gift-giving self meander through this list of Austin gifts that will help you do just that.

  1. A Pair of Lucchese University of Texas Scholarship Boots from the Co-op

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pair of boots goes to the University Co-op Student Government Scholarship Fund, awarded annually to exemplary students in need. Your man will wear these Lucchese boots with Texan pride, even more so when he knows your purchase helped someone go to school.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men


2. Gift card from Topgolf

Men love TopGolf. Whether they’ve been there many times or not been there at all, they’ll love to receive a gift card to Austin’s best place to listen to great music, enjoy good food, and challenge themselves to a few point-garnering swings of a club.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men
3. Stylish Selections from Stitch Fix for Men

Founder Katrina Lake didn’t start her fabulous company in Austin; however, many stylists are doing their thing from the organization’s office on Congress Avenue. What Stitch Fix has done to revolutionize shopping for women, they have now been offering to men since 2016. From socks to shirts, a personal stylist will shop for your man, based on his build and his preferences, then ship him a tidy box of five items to try on in the privacy of his own home. Men are becoming pretty impressed when they find themselves looking great in an ensemble they never would have pulled off the rack.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men
4. Gift card from JuiceLand

In 2011, Matt Shook started JuiceLand right here in Austin. With the 20th store coming soon (5521 Balcones Drive), I think we can say with completely certainty that this place is a hit. Men really like the menu, sometimes starting their day with a green smoothie, or revving up a draggy afternoon with a cold-pressed Breath of Fire. Your college son, your millennial SIL, and your healthy-living boss will be all smiles when you give them a JuiceLand gift card.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

5. One Hour Ride at JetSurf Academy on Lake Travis 

Lake Travis is home to the first and only JetSurf Academy in the whole United States. Check out JetSurf’s Facebook page here for reviews and videos. Then book a waterplay gift for your guy that he’ll be looking forward to all winter long.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

6. Cooking Class at Sur la Table (Domain Northside)

Now that Sur la Table is at Domain’s Northside, there’s room for a kitchen classroom. From Meatless Monday to Date Night Tuscany, there’s a captivating cooking class for your culinary cutie pie. Make your gift a class for two, and he’ll be even happier. Check out the schedule here.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

7. Custom Handmade Cutlery from Weige Knives 

From his shop here in Austin, Travis Weige creates beautiful kitchen cutlery, never making the same knife twice. His customers choose the shape, wood, handle, pins and more, from which Travis fashions a one-of-a-kind gift. If you’re looking for that surprise factor in your gift, a knife from Weige Knives is the way to go.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

8. A Book or Two About Austin from Book People

Since moving to Austin, I’ve tried to read up on our new city. Austin Then and Now is a good historical selection, as is Midnight Assassin by Skip Hollandsworth. I also enjoyed Monday, Monday, the 2014 Mayor’s Book Club Selection, and I still enjoy planning adventures based on 100 Things to Do in Austin Before You Die by Kristy Owen. Plan a long afternoon of perusing inside Book People, or purchase these titles at the Amazon links above.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

9. New Pair of Shoes from Allen Edmonds on Congress Avenue

Buying a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes is a big treat for the men in our lives. They fit well, they last well, and they look so classy. The staff at Austin’s only Allen Edmonds store is so helpful and knowledgeable. If you want to make a special evening out of a shoe shopping experience, park in the lot at 3rd and Congress, walk over to Allen Edmonds, then catch the horse-drawn carriage back to La Traviata Italian Bistro for the best Spaghetti a la Bolognese you’ve ever tasted.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

10. Bike Maintenance Class at REI (Gateway or Downtown)

Your favorite bike-riding enthusiast will learn from an REI expert mechanic how to do things like lube a chain, quickly fix a flat and lots of other valuable maintenance tips. Classes are kept small, so reserve soon, and make sure he takes his own bike. If he doesn’t have a bike, well, there you go – a combo gift idea! Here is a link to some current class offerings.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

11. Digital Subscription to Austin Business Journal

From digitally monitoring the location of construction cranes to management tips from Austin’s most influential leaders, the Austin Business Journal is a first-rate source of info for any and every Austin man. The digital version provides exclusive content, and is super-easy to peruse on your man’s iPad. Subscription info can be found right here.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

12. Trail Ride Down the Colorado River with Maverick Horseback Riding

Doesn’t this look like an experience your man would enjoy – especially if his favorite gal is along for the ride. Book a trail ride for two, write the details in a pretty card, wrap it up with a pearl snap Western shirt from Cavender’s, and you’re bound to be his favorite cowgirl in Texas.

13. Make Him a Member at the Historic Paramount Theatre 

Depending on the level at which you join, membership at Austin’s historic Paramount Theatre on Congress Avenue has a lot of perks, including advance pre-sale access to non-season shows, complimentary tickets, and discount dinners at local restaurants on show nights. The Paramount is a beloved institution around here, and if you get your man in on the theatrical action, he’s liable to become a fan for life. Membership info can be found here.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

14. An Outdoor Nap in a Kammok

“A steady resting place should never be out of reach. With the proper equipment, you can find comfort wherever your feet wander.” Kammoks were created and designed here in Austin, another example of the abounding entrepreneurship on every corner. Get your guy a Kammok, or better yet, get him inside one, and you will have given him the most relaxing outdoor experience yet. Tie it between two trees in your back yard, or take him on an overnight winter camping trip, heat some hot chocolate over the campfire, and present him with this special gift. Oh, man, I think you might just shock him with this one. (Follow on Instagram @kammok for more beautiful photos like this one.)

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

15. Gift Card for a Fine Steak from The Capital Grille 

You’ll have to drive downtown to enjoy Austin’s only location of The Capital Grille, but I can assure you, it will be worth it. The service here is exceptional, and the steaks are outstanding. Either present your favorite guy with a gift card, or, if you’re an empty nester who would rather surprise your man with a special experience, make reservations for the restaurant and a moonlight pedi-cab ride to the Capitol. Wear a red shawl, sit close, and enjoy the Austin night. It will definitely be one to remember.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

16. Men’s Nano Puff Jacket from Patagonia

Look around – this jacket is super-popular, which means you will be the in-the-know-hee-roh with this gift. For the special Under-Fifty guys on your list, the Nano Puff Jacket from Patagonia is sure to please. For the Over-Fiftyers, just switch to the vest! Visit Patagonia on Congress Avenue or order the jacket from Amazon here and the vest here.

17. Private Foodie Tour with Rocket Electrics

Book a private electric bike ride for your favorite guy and a few special friends or family members if you want to give him a gift that’s really out of the box. You’ll get four courses of food at some of Austin’s hippest food-scene hangouots as you ride behind an experienced guide. If you have a special request, don’t hesitate to ask about it when you book. The website says they may be able to create something unique for your group.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

18. Networking and Austin News with the Metropolitan Breakfast Club 

If your guy is new to Austin or just needs a fresh perspective, a year’s membership to the Metropolitan Breakfast Club could really interest him. The speakers are known to be phenomenally knowledgeable, and the people he’ll meet there will be like pushing the refresh button, giving new life to an average work schedule. Go for it. Your man is sure to enjoy this weekly experience if he enjoys learning new things about Austin and meeting the people who make it all happen. Learn about membership options here.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

19. Something Original from Austin Art Garage

Austin Art Garage is a local gallery for talented local artists. If your favorite man appreciates the artistic side of things, how about surprising him with an original piece that interprets something he loves. Austin’s skyline, perhaps?

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

Austin Energy 2 by Jake Bryer

20. Iconic Levi’s Trucker Jacket from Stag on South Congress

This is where you shop for the guy in your life who is confident and edgy, but also appreciates a little vintage. It’s the kind of store that provides the very latest in men’s clothing and accessory provisions, but also celebrates the 50th birthday of the Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Facebook fanfare and a party. So, if your favorite guy is that kind – the one who is out there riding his Harley on the hill country winding roads just before he comes home to bake something yummy in the kitchen, you will be sure, absolutely sure to find something he loves at Stag Provisions for Men on South Congress. Like this Levi’s Trucker Jacket. And if he needs a Harley to go with it? Well, this could be a very expensive Christmas for you.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

21. Tickets to a University of Texas Basketball Game

Hook ’em Horns! Your guy will love tickets to a University of Texas basketball game! Check the schedule here. Be sure to include a crisp hunnert in the envelope for all that good stuff he wants at the concession windows.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

22. Hot Shave and Trendy Trim at Finley’s

Finley’s Barber Shop started in Austin, but now has locations in Dallas, Houston and Denver as well. Drop in at Finley’s just once with your man (sit in the back room and be quiet), it’s easy to see the many reasons for their success. Treat your man to a hot shave and a trendy trim at any of of Finley’s Austin locations. You’ll get the same spectacular service wherever you go. Book online here.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

23. Glass Blowing Class at Blue Moon Glassworks

Inside the state of the art flameworking studio, your special guy can actually learn to blow glass and create his own original treasures. If he’s a hands on type, who isn’t afraid to try new things, surprise your man with a fascinating class at Blue Moon Glassworks. A current schedule of offerings can be found here.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

 24. Cooler or Tumbler from Austin’s Flagship Yeti Store

If you’ve been intending to visit Austin’s flagship Yeti store, you’d better hurry. There’s a strong chance Yeti will be selling its prime corner of the Austin real estate market soon.

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

25. Butchery or Sausage Making Class at Salt & Time 

Salt & Time has made a name for themselves in so many ways. If your guy is like these guys – the kind who goes whole hog into everything he does – so to speak – then, he very well may squeal with delight over the gift of a butchering class. Sorry, let me collect myself. I’m laughing out loud at my own pun in that clever lead-in. Ok, back to the meat of the matter. Let’s grind this description to a halt, ok? Last one. If your guy would enjoy bringing home the bacon at a whole new level, get him one of these classes for Christmas. But please –  do wrap it in white butcher paper

25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

So, what do you think? Have you been inspired?

I hope so. If there’s anything or anyone who is special to me, it’s the men in my life. My devoted husband of 36 years, my brother who makes me laugh so hard it hurts, my SIL (best on the planet), my step-dad who took on a whole lot when he married our mom, my uncles, who have a sweet way of protectively hovering over the ones they love, and my son, whom my daughters claim is the favorite. Those are my men.

Now, let’s see.  I wonder which one wants to learn how to make sausage? 

Encouraging intentional adventure for that special man in your life, wrapped and tied with a big red bow,

PS – Did you find anything on this list that you’ve never thought of?






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  • Lisa B.

    Love it, Brenda! Your list was very helpful as I found an item to round out my husband’s Christmas gift. Perfect!

  • Jerry Schaeffer

    Excellent job Brenda…Keep up the good work. Very cool ideas – I’ll make sure Buffie sees this. Peace