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21 Ways to Support Authors You Like and Love

21 Ways to Support Authors We Like and Love

There seem to be more books written and published now than ever before. Statistically, the figures are a little complicated, but a number that does appear to be accurate is this one. About 4 million new book titles are published every year. That could mean that we’re reading more than we ever have before. It also might indicate that the chances of you and I actually knowing a writer are pretty good. While we can’t buy every new book that hits the market, we can do a lot to support all the authors that we like and love.

21 Ways to Support Authors

  1. Buy their books
  2. Follow your favorite authors on social media
  3. Read their blogs
  4. Subscribe to their newsletters
  5. Leave comments on social media and blog posts
  6. Share their Instagram stories, posts and Reels
  7. Use your own platform to promote a beloved author
  8. Write three- or four-sentence Amazon reviews
  9. Add a video to your Amazon review
  10. Follow your favorite authors on Amazon and Goodreads
  11. Mark their books as Want to Read on Goodreads
  12. Attend book signings
  13. Be interested in what they’re writing next
  14. Give their books as gifts
  15. Suggest a favorite author’s work for your next book club selection
  16. Mention their books in conversations with family, friends, coworkers, etc.
  17. Offer to be on their launch team
  18. Request or place a hold for a copy from your library
  19. Draw attention to their books by turning the covers to face out on bookstore shelves
  20. Preorder their upcoming titles
  21. Encourage your favorite authors to keep writing

An Author’s Book is His or Her “Book Baby”

Have you ever oohed and ahhed over a new baby?

It’s such a joy to welcome a sweet little life into the world, isn’t it?

We admirers assure the parents of how absolutely adorable is their little one. And we predict all manner of success over that tiny infant’s future.

Of course, our hearts go out to the parents, as we are well-aware of the sacrifices they’ll need to make.

Their sleep patterns will take a major hit, for one thing.

And, in order to give the baby more of their daily schedule, some other things may be required to take a back seat. Like cooking, laundry, and free time.

Because of some of the similarities that exist between birthing a baby and publishing a book, authors sometimes refer to their books as “book babies.”

First, there was merely an idea.

After that, an author has spent hours upon hours at a keyboard, pouring his heart and soul into learning his subject, then writing and rewriting a manuscript.

Next, there’s editing to be done and a cover to design, followed by all the steps required for publishing.

All along the way, authors daydream about how the finished product will actually look. They stress over every detail and pray that the public’s reception will come without too much criticism.

But, oh, when that first big box of books arrives on a writer’s doorstep, get ready for excited squeals and plentiful photo sessions!

Why Writers Write

But there’s one more similarity between bringing a baby into the world and publishing a book full of a writer’s own ideas.

Parents of real infants and authors of book babies certainly hope their children will “turn out” to be a big success. They will be most happy, however, if the object of their affection merely fulfills its God-given purpose.

It’s true.

More than becoming bestsellers, even ones made into big screen box-office hits, authors have a higher goal for their books.

They simply desire that their books serve to teach, motivate, entertain and encourage those who read them.

That’s why I wrote mine!

Your Turn

Do you personally know an author?

Have you helped a writer launch a new book?

Maybe YOU are a writer and have some other ideas about how to support the authors we like and love?

Leave your comments below!

Your devoted encourager,

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