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2022 Best Black Friday Deals for Empty Nesters

Black Friday Deals are here!

Empty nesters don’t relish the idea of gathering more “stuff”, but we might think twice about buying something if the price is right.

Black Friday Deals for Empty Nesters

Our nests may not be completely empty, but once all the kids are gone, they typically become a whole lot empty-er.

We empty nesters are keeping less and focusing on easier ways to organize what we choose to keep.

This basket is perfect for keeping a tidy stash of books, magazines and throws. Get the Black Friday deal here!

Empty Nesters are Hosting Guests

Empty nesters are sprucing up the guest room, because we enjoy hosting guests!

Here are some Black Friday deals on thoughtful gadgets to add to your guest room.

  • Noise Machine – this is the one we use. I like that the buttons are on the top, and it looks nice on the nightstand. I had never used a noise machine until we stayed with our son at his apartment in Washington, D.C. It helped me get calmed down from all our tourist-y excitement and get a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Bedside Charging Station. I got this idea when we stayed at our friends’ beautiful Airbnb property in the Texas Hill Country. With a charging tower on each nightstand, we were both able to make sure our devices were fully charged for more photo ops the next day – without having to search through our bags for the cords we brought from home.
  • White Towels. White towels are the name of the hosting game. Get this best seller set at a great Black Friday price. (Also on the Black Friday sale is this black makeup cloth.)
  • Wifi Password Board. At my cousin’s beach condo, her Wifi info is printed on a cute chalkboard and framed where guests can easily spot it – right by the coffee maker. We empty nesters can offer our guests the same easy access with this super cute password board.
Black board shaped like a house with wifi network and password info written for guests.

I love staying with our friends in their homes. And it’s also great fun to plan an adventure that includes staying at a beautiful Airbnb with our adult kids.

If you feel the same way, here’s a checklist of good manners to make sure we’re invited back for more!

Black Friday Deals for Empty Nest Trends

Empty nester life includes getting in on a few new trends.

These items are total refreshers for most of us who are still using (or wearing) the same old, same old.

  • Throws, throws, and more throws. The comfort of a textured throw simply cannot be overstated. Here’s a beautiful style with a ribbed pattern at a great Black Friday Deals price.
  • Boot cut jeans. Yep, boot cut jeans are a trend, and this pair is pretty cute.
  • Electric Tea Kettle. When I went on my Walkabout trip to England, it was great fun to drink a spot of tea with the other ladies in our group. The Brits use electric jobbers that work so well for making tea. They claim that the key to creating a great cup of tea is NOT heating water in the microwave, but using a really hot, boiled pour from an electric kettle. I love to make a good coffee in the morning and then switch to tea at night. Isn’t this trendy kettle so inviting?
Beautiful electric tea kettle in an inviting shade of green.

Black Friday Deals for Self-Care

Now that you have the time, are you taking better care of yourself?

Me, too.

Here are a few Black Friday Deals to help.

Empty Nesters Love Black Friday Deals

Well, I love a good deal, and I’m sure you do as well.

If this list has inspired you, please feel free to let me know in the comments – or drop me an email at

I’d love to hear from you!

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