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15 Winter Date Ideas You and Your Date Will Love

15 Winter Date Ideas

There’s no need to endure one single solitary, boring, lonely, cold or dreary moment by yourself this winter. Instead of moping around in your jammies, grab someone you enjoy being with and enjoy one of these 15 winter date ideas that both of you are sure to love.

15 Winter Date Ideas

From outdoors to indoors, from culinary adventure to casual shopping, here are some really fun date ideas to stave off the heaviest of winter blues.

1. Try a new coffee shop.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit of a creature of my longtime coffee habit. But if I never venture out and try some of the new places popping up on every Texas corner, I really will be missing out on some great adventures of the percolated kind. If that’s you, too, plan a date! Is there a new couple at church? Invite them out to join you. (I’ve been the newbie at so many churches over the years, and it’s always turned into a great time when one of the “regulars” asks us out for coffee and conversaton.)

2. See a movie.

When our kids come to town for the Christmas holidays, we like to see a movie. My son lets us choose what’s showing, but he’s pretty particular about something else. Make sure they have reclining seats, he says. And our granddaughter is big on the snacks. She introduced us to the art of mixing Sour Patch Kids with popcorn. Oh, man. If you try this, you may never go back to plain popcorn. Basically, a family date night at the movies is a wonderful wintertime perk that keeps me smiling for weeks. Does it do the same for you?

3. Take in a play.

We had been married a long time when my hubby told me something I didn’t already know about him. He loves seeing a stage play. Who knew? We’ve enjoyed many fabulous productions at Amarillo Little Theatre, and we’ve seen The Lion King on Broadway. Our fiirst year in Dallas, we saw a hilarous production of The Play That Goes Wrong at The Winspear. But this winter, I want to surprise my guy with tickets to another place I heard about – The Plaza Theatre in Cleburne.

4. Hike a trail.

The AllTrails app makes finding trails so simple to do, no matter where you are. And here in Texas, even in mid-winter, there are very few days when hiking a trail is a bad idea. My daughter planned a hiking adventure for the two of us to see Hamilton Pool on a cold, wet day in Austin, and we still had a blast. So, go for it. This is a great winter date idea. Pack camping chairs, blankets, coffee and muffins for lots of extra points.

5. Take a painting class.

Our nation’s 43rd President, George W. Bush, began painting as a post-presidency pastime. Now, his beautiful artwork graces many walls of The Bush Institute, and his book Portraits of Courage became a 2017 bestseller. Creating something on a canvas alongside someone you love is a cozy winter date idea. And who knows? You might discover an exceptional hidden talent and a brand new hobby to boot.

6. Start writing your memoir.

Last year, my oldest daughter gave me a Storyworth gift for my birthday. It was so thoughtful, and I loved using the questions she sent every Monday morning as writing prompts to tell my life’s stories. A lot of people would like to do the same thing, but they need a buddy to spur them on from start to finish. An accountability partner, if you will, to make sure this important ball never gets dropped. If that’s you, ask someone you love to join in your fun. Plan to take your laptop and meet for coffee and a dual writing session. Or weave this winter date idea into your monthly book club meetings. Wouldn’t that be fun?

7. Visit a state park.

As a native Texan, I sure do love me some Texas State Parks. I’ve been to a whole bunch, but not nearly all of them. Planning a fun date with a friend or my man is a great way to check yet another state park off my lengthy list of future adventures.

8. Listen to music.

Austin has long been known as The Live Music Capital of the World, but the rest of Texas has done a lot to follow in the musical footprints of our Capital City. Check out different venues and schedules in your own location and plan to enjoy some live music this winter with someone you love. From homey bluegrass bands to top-billing performers, the possibilities are truly endless.

9. Shop for jeans.

Ugh. This is not my favorite thing to do. Having a friend along (a really honest one!) makes shopping so much easier. Also, so much more fun. Make reservations for lunch after you shop, though, and not before. LOL

10. Plan your summer vacation.

A cold and wintry day is the perfect time to start planning your summer vacation. First, ask yourself this question. If the sky were the only limit, where would I want to go this summer? Then, scale back as you go. Maybe you’ll deciide on a roller-coaster experience in Orlando, or a restful week in Galveston. Be sure you get my favorite adventure hat to wear while you’re there.

11. Make homemade buttered popcorn.

My family loves it when I make homemade buttered popcorn. Trader Joe’s sells a bag of organic popping corn that you can prepare in a microwave popper. I haven’t tried popping corn in a cast iron wok, but this method looks like another winner. After I pop mine in the microwave, I pour it in my largest bowl and drizzle melted butter over the top. After that, I add a generous shake of salt, give the whole batch a stir with a plastic spatula, and then divide it into smaller bowls for each person. Making homemade buttered popcorn is date-worthy, for sure.

12. Eat at a fancy restaurant.

I don’t know about you, but going out to a fancy restaurant can lift me out of the doldrums faster than greased lightning. (I’ve never used that phrase before, y’all. But it’s supposed to be Texas-lingo for REALLY FAST. So, there ya’ go.) White tablecloths, exceptional service and a basket of really good bread just has fancy written all over it. And butter from a really high falootin’ cow. (I’ve never used that lingo either, but I kinda got on a roll there for a minute. So to speak.) Anyway, you get my drift.

13. Spend the night at a luxury hotel.

Check out this article about the most famous hotels in every state. But be forewarned. You may be making adjustments to the plans you drew up in number 10 above. I’m not quite sure I would have said The Adolphus for the most famous Texas hotel, though. The Driskill might have actually been my pick. But, really, how can you go wrong with either one? A night at any luxury hotel is a great winter date idea, right?

14. Learn something new.

There’s no better way to take your mind off seasonal laziness than to dig in and learn something new. Read a book like Atomic Habits by James Clear, or visit a small town museum. Replace your negative thought pattern with a new track of thinking, while learning something you didn’t already know.

15. Bake and decorate Valentine cookies.

My middle daughter and I have a tradition of baking heart-shaped Valentine cookies together. Some years, we’ve eaten them all ourselves with absolutely no guilt whatsoever. Other years, we’ve packaged them up for mailing and hand-delivery to friends and family. So much fun! Here’s the recipe we use. Note: The sour cream is what keeps the cookies soft.

Want More Winter Adventure Ideas?

These 15 winter date ideas are sure to keep you busy until spring is peeking around the frosty corner.

But if you want a few more adventure ideas, check out The Ultimate Texas Winter Bucket List, where you’ll find 25 fabulous adventures to help you shoosh happily through any kind of crazy winter season in Texas.

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