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15 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $15

(Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own.)

Valentine’s Day is on Its Way

If gift-giving is your love language, or if you’re just a pretty organized person in general, Valentine’s Day is probably one of your favorite occasions of the year. If you’re a little more on the side of lagging behind, however, take heart. LOL There’s still time to send a little something to the ones you love. (Use your Amazon Prime for surprises that show up in next-day delivery.)
Here is a fun list of 15 last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts you might want to click on and send. Each one is sure to be received with a smile. And as an added bonus, the price point under $15 will do your own heart some good as well.

Floral Scented Rose Petals

Who doesn’t love a wintertime soak in a warm tub? Adding these rose petals to the water is sure to be a treat for your favorite Valentine.

Pink Pashmina Scarf

Psychologists who study these things say that the color pink represents compassion, nurture and love. If that’s the case, sending this beautiful pink scarf says a lot to the person to whom you send it.

Heart-shaped Cake Pan

Somehow, in the midst of a move or two, I’ve lost my heart-shaped pan, so I intend to get one of these for myself. When the kids were all at home, I baked a cherry coffeecake in that pan most years, and I loved serving it to them hot out of the oven on a Valentine’s Day morning before school.

Starbucks E-mailed Gift Card

When it comes to sending a quick and easy gift, you can never go wrong with e-mailing a Starbucks gift card. Which of your Valentines would love to order a Cherry Mocha on Thursday’s drive-through coffee run?

Valentine Adult Coloring Book

Is someone on your Valentine list the creative type? If so, he or she will be pleasantly surprised to receive a new coloring book filled with sweet designs.

The 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman changed the world when he wrote this book. Not only is it a consistent chart-topper for its wisdom and advice to couples, it’s just a real eye-opener for anyone who wants to love others in more heartfelt ways.

Heart-themed Plush Slipper Socks

Brrr. It’s been cold this winter, hasn’t it? And there’s still a little more where that came from. Keep your Valentine’s feetsies snuggly and warm with these plush slipper socks.

Valentine Guitar Picks

On a day when your favorite musician will be playing nothing but love songs, why not surprise him or her with some sweet new picks?

Valentine Golf Balls

Golfers typically use a favorite ball, but every golfer likes an I-Love-You. Even if these two never make it to the course, they will serve as a reminder of your devoted affection.

Valentine Chocolates

Chocolate, anyone? This heart contains 18 pieces, which can be eaten all in one day (well, you know) or enjoyed one each day for a whole month of Valentine yumminess.

Valentine Red T-Shirt

If your Valentine is the simple, no-frills needed type, just tuck a red t-shirt into a gift sack, making sure to enclose a tender love note or a promise for a good foot massage, and he’ll be happy.

Classic Red Polk Dot Necktie

Planning a festive dinner out on the town? Surprise your valentine with this a gift that fashionably fits the theme of the day.

Valentine Mop Slippers

I know some very practical women who would love these comfy, quite useful, slippers. Kill two birds with one stone by giving your Valentine something she can wear around the house and then use to mop the floor. If you dare.

Pink Heart Water Bottle

Everyone wants to sport a Valentine water bottle during the month of love. Take it to the gym or just use it to gauge how many ounces you’re getting per day.

Heart-Shaped Sticky Notes

For the Valentine who loves all.things.paper, here’s a sweet package of pink posties. Maybe she’ll use them to leave love notes everywhere for you. On the fridge, in the car, on your mirror. Love notes are always a good thing.

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